EWEA 2013

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Pre-event information and news about and from the EWEA 2013 (European Wind Energy Association) conference and trade show, 4 to 7 February 2013, in Vienna.

Latest EWEA News

Europe faces major wind staff shortage

EUROPE: The European wind industry is facing potential shortages in trained staff of up to 18,000 by 2030, or 5% of the entire workforce.

Windpower TV - EWEA 2013 highlights part 2

Windpower Monthly recorded interviews with key industry figures from companies including Siemens and Mecal as part its coverage at this year's EWEA 2013.

Windpower TV - Alstom vice president Alfonso Faubel

EUROPE: Windpower TV spoke to Alstom Wind senior vice president Alfonso Faubel about the company's turbine plans, both offshore and onshore.

Windpower TV - Vestas VP Inigo Sabater talks emerging markets and local sourcing

EUROPE: Windpower TV spoke to Vestas vice president for public affairs and business development Inigo Sabater about Vestas' plans for emerging markets and how the company viewed local sourcing requirements.

Windpower TV at EWEA 2013

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