Exploring opportunities for digitalisation

Day 2 - Tuesday 30 April 2019

Registration & Morning Refreshments


Chair's Welcome & Opening Remarks

Thomas Pump, Head of Asset Information Systems, E.On


Panel Discussion: Should Building Digital Infrastructure be Taken In-House or Outsourced?

  • How to recruit and retain in-house digital specialists
  • Developing digital solutions specific to the requirements of wind farms
  • How to utlise contractors to bring in new technology and knowledge
  • Recognising when to bring in outsourced talent to provide expertise to the team

Andrea Perduca, CEO, Renvico

Michele Scapolo, Technical Specialists Operations Manager, Vector Cuatro


Successfully Managing Your Digitalisation Team for Delivery of Projects to Reduce OPEX

  • Ensuring employees with the right skills are working on the right project
  • Keeping new technology accessible to the userbase with cross-departmental communication
  • Maintaining motiviation within teams and throughout the company during long-terms projects to ensure efficient implementation

Nenad Keseric, Digitalisation Lead, Equinor


Networking Break & Morning Refreshments


World Cafe: Developing Analytical Skills and Digital Literacy Across all Levels of the Workforce for More Informed Decision-Making

Participants will be invited to sit at different roundtables, each with a topic on a piece of paper for delegates to engage with in an open and honest discussion. After twenty minutes, each member of the table will move to a different table, leaving behind key points from their discussion on the piece of paper to launch new discussions.

  • How to measure the baseline digital literacy accross departments prior to running a new project

  • How to organise education within the company to communicate fundamentals of information technology
  • Tips for jargon-busting and ensuring correct terminology to ensure better communication across departments
  • Committing to continued learning and development to understand the specifics of digital projects

Using Blockchain for Global, Real-Time Demonstration of Renewable Origin of Energy

  • Delineating green energy on the grid from aggregated energy from non-renewable sources
  • Addressing concerns from corporate PPA partners regarding origin of energy supplied via the grid
  • How can regulation catch up with innovation? Engaging with regulatory bodies to ensure that demonstration of renewable origin of energy does not conflict with certification of green energy

Belen Linares, R&D and Innovation Director, Acciona Energias


Networking Lunch


Case study: Using Real-World Data Fed into Digital Twins of Wind Turbines to Optimise O&M and Downtime Planning

  • Analysing big data from turbine SCADA to build a digital twin
  • How close a digital twin turbine can get to measuring and predicting real-world conditions
  • Planning downtime for maintenance and repair based on digital twin data

Daniel Averbuch, Program Manager, IFP Energies Novuelles


Case Study: Offshore Wind Data Pilot Programme: Kickstarting Innovation Through Data

Recognising industry-wide struggles with management of big data

Understanding range of limitations companies face when starting data pilot projects

Results of implementing data pilots and proof-of-concept projects across the offshore wind industry - where can the industry go next?

Dr. Conaill Soraghan, Data and Digitalisation Team Leader, ORE Catapult


Closing Keynote: Implementing Digitalisation Beyond Pilot Projects

The benefits of the proliferation of pilot projects for building confidence in a given technology

Identifying the evidence needed to roll out technology across a fleet

Becoming a leader in digitalisation without taking uneccessarily risks with high CAPEX projects

Thomas Pump, Head of Asset Information Systems, E.On


Close of Conference

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