Exploring opportunities for digitalisation

Day 1 - Monday 29 April 2019



Chair's Welcome Address

Thomas Pump, Head of Asset Information Systems, E.On


Opening Keynote: Bringing Windpower into the Digital Age

  • From digitisation to digitalisation - beyond gathering data from sensors and into using data to drive decisions
  • Investing in IoT Technology to gather real-time data from wind farms on a component-by-component level
  • Digitalisation as a driver for lower LCoE and OPEX

Francisco Galvan Gonzalez, Technical Director, EDPR


Market Perspective: Where is the Wind Industry going with Digitalisation, and Why?

  • Impact of lower margins on making digital solutions a necessity
  • How will these new technologies be adopted, and what will all that smartness
  • The path to fleet-wide digitalisation - options and obstacles

Robert Erdmann, CDO, fos4X


Bringing Together Environmental and Performance Data Via Enterprise Asset Management to Optimise Power Generation

  • Key differences between computerized maintenance management systems and enterprise asset management
  • How to use enterprise asset management programs to generate faster reports from large quantities of data
  • Creating more accurate forecasts for LCoE with integrated environmental and performance analysis

Tom Obdam, Asset Manager, Gemini Wind Park


Networking Break and Morning Refreshments


Operational Data Management: A Handy Tool for Offshore Wind Cost Reduction

  • Conceptualising data consolidation into databases as the bedrock of digitalisation

  • How to bring together disparate SCADA systems into a single database that can be accessed company-wide
  • How to ensure the operability of a reliable integrated database for advanced data analysis and machine learning applications
  • Benefits of natural language processing as a method to efficiently translate data into a common language for a centralised database
  • Case study on using integrated SCADA data for reducing turbine downtime and loss in AEP

Cassandra Lenoir, Offshore Wind O&M Engineer, EDF Energy


Case Study: Digital Knowledge-Sharing Platforms for Optimised O&M

  • Benefits of sharing information via digital platforms
  • Analysing how KPI's change depending on user role and requirements
  • Looking foreward to standardising parameters for fleet-wide performance

Stefan Faulstich, Group Manager of Reliability and Maintenance Strategies, Fraunhofer Institute for Energy Economics and Energy System Technology


Case Study: Turbine Health Management Toward Streamlined O&M

  • Establishing a national database for a 3GW portfolio
  • Optmising daily O&M activities with a data-driven approach

Yasuyuki Kaneko, General Manager, Eurus Energy


Networking Lunch


Wake Mitigation Via Wind Farm Control Systems for Optimum Fleet-Wide Power Generation

  • Effect of wakes from adjacent turbines on power generation of a given turbine
  • Understanding the penalty of individual turbine optimum power generation on fleet-wide power generation
  • Modelling how wakes form and flow
  • Wind farm control systems as a tool for wake mitigation via down regulating individual turbines

Thomas Duc, R&D Engineer, ENGIE Green


Fusion of SCADA and CMS Data for Fault Detection

  • Limits to fault detection via SCADA or CMS alone
  • Reducing turbine failure through more efficient reporting
  • Impact of combined data analysis

Professor Simon Watson, Director of the DUWIND Institute, TU Delft


Open Automation for the Digitalisation of Wind Turbines

    • Eliminating black boxes by an integrated automation solution
    • Centralized and uniform data collection and evaluation for holistic information
    • Using IoT technologies for a secure global communication and information exchange

Nils Johannsen, Wind Turbine Application Software Department, Beckhoff Automation


Networking Break and Refreshments


Mitigating Vulnerability of Wind Turbine SCADA systems to cyber attacks

  • Identifying components integral to turbine design that can be remotely accessed, and how to guard against hacking
  • Learning lessons from other power generation attacks to secure wind farm networks
  • Tips for securing networks from ransomware

Ken Munro, Partner, Pen Test Partners


Panel Discussion: Avoiding Trial-and-Error Implementation of New Technology with a Cautious Step-by-Step Strategy

  • Risk of unplanned downtime as a result of unproven software
  • Strengthening the case for implementation by waiting for CAPEX to drop
  • Calculating OPEX reduction and LCoE reduction as a result of incorporating predictive analytics from managed data
  • Ensuring data consolidation and standardisation with a more cautious approach

Francisco Garcia Lopez, Wind Competence Center, Enel Green Power

Cassandra Lenoir, Offshore Wind O&M Engineer, EDF Energy


Chairperson's Closing Remarks and End of Day 1  


Drinks Reception in Networking Area

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