Exploring opportunities for digitalisation

Smartwind booking is now open!

SmartWind is an owner/operator-led conference to discuss how digitalisation can optimise wind farm operations and ensure windpower thrives in a newly competitive market. This conference provides owner/operators with the opportunity to discuss the challenges they face and potential to reduce OPEX by digitalising O&M, and provides the tools to drive down LCoE even further with a digitalised grid supply strategy.

SmartWind will also provide OEMs the opportunity to discuss the trend toward IoT devices in turbines and gearboxes to further connect the wind farm to off-site central databases and the grid.

why attend?

By attending this event you will learn how to:

  • Reduce OPEX with data management and analytics of already collected data
  • Assess digitalisation strategy and improve implementation across departments
  • Identify and manage digital systems risk
  • Look forward into automated operations and autonomous grid supply decisions
  • Benchmark against other owner/operators implementing digitalisation across operations

download your copy of the SMartwind 2019 brochure here:


Contribute as a speaker?

Polly Martin,  Event Content Producer 
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George Johnstone, Commercial Director 
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Group booking?

Hari T, Head of Delegate Attendance 
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