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Future Offshore Foundations Forum


The leading industry event on future offshore foundations will be returning this November by popular demand.

After many hours of in-depth research the event promises to bring you up-to-date with experiences and R&D from around Europe and beyond.

Key topics on this year's agenda are :

    • The Pile Soil Analysis (PISA) project – implementing a new design methodology for monopile structures, for bigger offshore wind turbines

    • Results of seabed analysis of the north-east US seabed and impact on foundation structure choices

    • Design and installation considerations for project using largest turbines commercially available
    • Bigger turbines, further distances and deeper waters : how do monopiles, jackets and floating structures stack up against each other?

    • Identifying infrastructure and logistics challenges in developing, constructing and maintaining 500MW floating offshore wind farms

    • Preparing for fabrication of XL monopiles , for 12MW turbines
    • Quiet installation of monopiles and other cost reduction advantages of Blue Hammer

    • Hands-on developer’s O&M strategies for offshore wind farms

    • Tackling corrosion issues inside monopiles 

who will you meet?

why this event?

“If you can only attend one foundation event per year - make it this one. Different topics by recurrent speakers provide you with the whole picture and highlight the continuous progress achieved.”

Jeroen Hesen  , Offshore Wind Stakeholder Relations  Adwen Offshore

This is the ONLY event available to the industry delving specifically into the design, fabrication and installation of foundation concepts for improved cost of energy reductions and extended lifetime of offshore wind structures.

Last year’s forum attracted over 100 of the industry’s leading professionals.  Click here to view a full list of attending companies.

Commercial Opportunities

The Future Offshore Foundations  forum offers an excellent opportunity for you to promote and profile your organisation and its capabilities to senior delegates from the offshore wind industry, growing your networks for your business needs.  

We are keen to explore ways in which we can work together to reinforce the position of your organisation as one of the leading companies in the industry.  If you are interested in learning more about how we can work together to move your ideas forward, please contact us .

Download the 2017 brochure:

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what attendees say....

"As expected, perfectly organised, relevant presentations" - Head Of Tendering, Offshore Wind Foundations
"Once again it was excellent: my technical recharge" - Lead Structural Engineer
"Technically stimulating, broadened my knowledge in foundation-related fields and renewed my optimism in meeting the cost reduction challenge." - Senior Structural Engineer