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Floating Into The Future

18 May 2018 | by Shaun Campbell 

Windpower Monthly editor speaks to Rhodri James, leader of the Carbon Trust’s Floating Wind Joint Industry Project.

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Floating Demonstrator Projects: The Vital Steps

22 May 2018 | LIC Energy 

LIC Energy managing director Danny Bonnett tells us about the role of demonstrators and the why a focus on project delivery is most important.

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What did Hexicon learn from Dounreay Tri?

05 June 2018 | Hexicon 

Hexicon CEO Henrik Baltscheffsky and CTO Niklas Hummel give their insight on demonstrator projects, risk management and scaling up the floating sector.

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The journey from doubt to solution development

08 June 2018 | EOLOS 

Julian Harland, Sales Director at EOLOS, explains how wind resource assessment will play a vital role in commercialising floating offshore wind.

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Balancing the future on a solid foundation design

11 June 2018 | Ceteal 

Ceteal R&D director Pascal Heisel answers questions on how the right designs can take floating offshore wind to the next level.

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Dynamic cable study for floating sites launched

11 April 2018 | by David Weston

WORLDWIDE: A joint industry project (JIP) led by the Carbon Trust has launched two studies to investigate dynamic export cables and monitoring requirements for floating wind projects.

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Hywind points floating offshore in right direction

22 March 2018 | by James Hundleby

WORLDWIDE: Recent reports of Statoil's Hywind Scotland project, the world's first commercial floating wind farm, achieving 65% capacity factors over the winter have provided another boost to the spirits of the floating-wind community.

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Wpd, Vattenfall and Caisse to enter joint Dunkirk bid

06 March 2018 | by David Weston

FRANCE: Offshore wind developers Wpd and Vattenfall, and renewables investor Caisse des Dépôts will enter a joint bid in the upcoming tender off the coast of Dunkirk, northern France.

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Floating Offshore Wind Vision Statement

June 2017 | Wind Europe

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World's first floating wind farm starts generating electricity

18 October 2017 | BBC

The world's first floating wind farm has started delivering electricity to the Scottish grid.

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