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Day 2 - Friday 29 June 2018

Registration & Refreshments


Chair's Welcome & Opening Remarks

Bruno G. Geschier, Chief Sales And Marketing Officer, Ideol Offshore and Chairman, WindEurope’s Floating Offshore Wind Taskforce

Strategies, Hands-On Experience And Future O&M Challenges


In A Developer’s Mind: How Do We Think?

  • Challenge of a pilot project - how does it pave the way for the next commercial phase?
  • What is still needed for further mass deployment of floating offshore wind?
  • Insights into our approach to risk management
  • Building a developer’s relationship with OEMs for long term success

Jean-Mathieu Kolb, Project Director - EFGL Pilot Floating Offshore Wind Project, Engie


A WPD's Story: Our Global Approach To The Development Of Floating Offshore Wind Farms

  • What are the questions you should be asking when developing a floating wind project?
  • Going through the technology approval process
  • Moving into the industrialisation phase of logistics 
  • How to effectively rely on third parties during the O&M phase of floating wind farms 
Pierre Warlop, Offshore Wind - Business Development Manager, Wpd 

Creating Standards That Will Help Us Navigate The World Of The Floater

  • What standards do we have already and what is missing?

  • How do we industrialise this bespoke cottage industry?
  • Prototypes and demonstrators are not the same as commercial projects - what's the implication of this?

Danny Bonnett,   Managing Director,  LIC Energy UK


Networking Break & Morning Refreshments


Panel Discussion: OEMs’ Key Concerns And Role In Accelerating Floating Wind

  • What makes OEMs nervous?
  • The need to increase confidence when placing their technology on non-fixed foundations through calculations and modelling data
  • Do OEMs see any turbine specifics being different from fixed types?
  • Wind turbines evolution and concepts 
  • Addressing specific concerns on:
    • Turbines and fatigue
    • Dynamic and motion of the floater and how these are being translated to the nacelle
    • Long term behaviour
    • Components: will the turbine be able to sustain anything that you calculated before?
    • Large components: how will it be managed?

Kenji Sato, Head Of Technical Engineering, MHI Vestas

Ranjit Mene, Head Of UK Offshore Sales, Senvion 

Danny Bonnett,  Managing Director,  LIC Energy UK


Bruno G. Geschier,  Chief Sales And Marketing Officer,  Ideol Offshore and Chairman,  WindEurope’s Floating Offshore Wind Taskforce


Networking Lunch


Operating Challenges For Floating Platforms In Atlantic Environments

  • Weather Windows and O&M strategies
  • Expected LCOE for initial floating wind farms in Atlantic sites
  • Relevant research projects – LEANWIND, ARCWIND

Jimmy Murphy,   Head of ORE Research Group, MaREI Centre, University College Cork


Panel Discussion: O&M Readiness - What Do We Need To Decide Today To Face The Next 30 Years?

  • Choosing the right technology today
  • Futher exploring O&M benefits such as:
    • Decreasing safety risks during maintance campaigns
    • Removing high wind issues
    • Designing the human out of the O&M loop
  • Gearbox failures: how will the industry tackle this aspect?
  • Discussing the unconventional approach of unplugging the turbine and take it back onshore

Rhodri James, Manager Policy & Innovation, The Carbon Trust

Dr. Maurizio Collu, Senior Lecturer In Dynamics Offshore Structures, Cranfield University  

Alla Weinstein, Founder, Trident Winds

Frank Adam, Project Manager, University Of Rostock 


Bruno G. Geschier,  Chief Sales And Marketing Officer,  Ideol Offshore and Chairman,  WindEurope’s Floating Offshore Wind Taskforce


Chair's Closing Remarks

Bruno G. Geschier,  Chief Sales And Marketing Officer,  Ideol Offshore  and Chairman,  WindEurope’s Floating Offshore Wind Taskforce


End Of Forum: Grab a coffee and catch your flight!

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