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Day 1 - Thursday 28 June 2018

Registration & Refreshments


Chair's Welcome & Opening Remarks

Bruno G. Geschier, Chief Sales And Marketing Officer, Ideol Offshore and Chairman, WindEurope’s Floating Offshore Wind Taskforce

Floating Investment Risks, Price Competitiveness And Offshore Sector Opportunities


The Hywind Project: What Made Us Succeed?

  • Moving from testing to a verified concept that could exceed expectations
  • Exploring operational challenges
  • How to achieve excellent production output and well-functioning technical systems
  • 2017 and beyond - what’s next?

Sebastian Bringsvaerd,  Head Of Hywind Development,  Statoil


On Stage Interview With  Sebastian Bringsvaerd  , Head Of Hywind Development, Statoil

  • Complementing fixed with floating in order to benefit from each others’ growth
  • Global market opportunities: unlock unprecedented offshore potential
  • How can we make the international market accelerate?
  • Ensuring that what we select today will be still pertinent in years to come
  • Educating stakeholders, policy makers and the whole supply chain
  • Preparing for commercial skill readiness and target prices
  • Looking ahead: decommissioning advantages

Moderator:  Shaun Campbell,  Editor,  Windpower Monthly


Panel Discussion: Addressing Investment Concerns And Risks

  • How is the cost of finance directly related to the maturity of technology?
  • Why having more demonstrator projects will help mitigate investment risks
  • Manufacturing: benefitting from the economy of scale
  • The need for more hands on experience with large floating structures
  • Bigger turbines: which kind of technology and projects will survive?
  • Who’s willing to take the risk of scaling up?
  • How you could potentially kill a project by focusing on the wrong aspects

Fumiyo Harada, General Director - International Strategy And Coordination, Development Bank Of Japan Inc.

Gavin Smart, Head Of Analysis And Insights, Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult

Jonas Wolff,  Senior Engineer - Project Directorate, European Investment Bank

Claire du Colombier,  Responsible For Floating Offshore Wind Industrial Plan,  Engie


Bruno G. Geschier, Chief Sales And Marketing Officer,  Ideol Offshore  and Chairman,  WindEurope’s Floating Offshore Wind Taskforce


Networking Break & Morning Refreshments


Commercialising And Globalising Offshore Floating Wind – A Legal Perspective

  • What are the contractual, financing, legal and regulatory opportunities and challenges?
  • Floating wind turbine units: novel type of assets in which legal status is untested

  • Uncertainty regarding which laws and regulations apply to floating wind turbine units, for example for jurisdiction, security and liability purposes

  • New business opportunities in new contractual, finance and security structures

Martin Sandgren, Partner, Ince & Co 


Enabling Access To Funding Through Wind Resource Measurements 

  • Why wind resource measurement is important and how this can add value in terms of cost reduction, bankability, and availability 
  • Tangible quantifiable examples of how wind measurements can positively affect your equity or wind revenue forecasts 
  • Benefits of a Floating Lidar vs conventional met masts 
  • How floating Lidars can be used at every stage of an offshore and floating wind farm 
  • Gaining direct access to independent data
Julian Harland, Sales Director, EOLOS Floating Lidar Solutions 

Beyond Floating Offshore Wind - Finding Synergies Among Offshore Industries

  • A journey through the  opportunities and strategies for offshore sustainable growth implemented over the past decade at a global level
  • How technical challenges of floating offshore have an impact on large capital requirements and industry's efforts
  • The Multi-Purpose Platform concept: joining the Offshore sector forces and investigating how to substantially lower overall CAPEX and OPEX
  • Lessons learnt during the FP7 "Ocean of Tomorrow" and the INNO-MPP projects, highlighting the need for a multidisciplinary approach aimed at identifying the synergies to be exploited
Dr. Maurizio Collu, Senior Lecturer In Dynamics Of Offshore Structures, Cranfield University 

Networking Lunch

Technical Challenges And Installation Requirements


Technical Challenges For Large Scale Floating Wind Farms: Key Findings From The Floating Wind JIP

  • Evaluating the scaling of floating structures with larger 15 MW turbines
  • Optimising mooring systems to reduce cost and risk
  • Installing and maintaining a 500 MW commercial floating wind farm, including floating-to-floating heavy lift operations
  • Overcoming electrical system challenges, including the development of high voltage dynamic cables
  • Ensuring the integrity of all assets over the project lifetime, whilst minimising O&M costs

Rhodri James, Manager Policy & Innovation, The Carbon Trust


The XCF Floating Concept: Finding An Optimal Compromise Between Cost Efficiency And Technical Challenges 

  • Adapting to different sites while supporting larger turbines 
  • How the use of concrete material can boost local supply chain potential 
  • Operation and maintenance cost saving with monitoring and inspection access
  • Practical case studies in Asia and France

Pascal Heisel,  R&D Director, Ceteal


Exploring Benefits And Practical Applications Of The Single Point Mooring System 

  • Environmental impact of moorings

  • Designs and applications within O&G

  • From load mitigation to yield maximization

  • Case design of Dounreay Trì

  • Evolution of Hexicon´s Floating wind platform

Henrik Baltscheffsky, CEO, Hexicon AB

Niklas Hummel, CTO,  Hexicon AB


Cost Competitive Modularisation Of Floating Substructures

  • How to modularise floating substructures to get a high flexibility within the supply chain
  • Use synergies and adapt modular technology from other industry sectors to floating offshore wind
  • Cost comparison for different offshore wind solutions based on the literature and own studies
  • Consider mass production effects

Dr.-Ing. Frank Adam, Head Of Offshore Wind R&D,  University Of Rostock


Networking Break & Afternoon Refreshments

Fireball Case Studies


The Groix And Belle-Ile Pre-Commercial Wind Farm Project

Etienne Delcroix, Technical Sales Manager, EOLFI


Offshore Wind In California, A Case Study Of The Morro Bay Project 

Alla Weinstein, Founder, Trident Winds


Q&A Panel


Chair's Closing Remarks

Bruno G. Geschier, Chief Sales And Marketing Officer,  Ideol Offshore  and Chairman,  WindEurope’s Floating Offshore Wind Taskforce


End Of Day 1

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