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Traditionally, offshore wind farms have been built around Europe in areas with shallow waters where it was possible to use fixed foundations and give stability to wind turbines. However, this such approach is not suitable for certain water depths and seabed conditions, which means the offshore wind market has been restricted on a global level, at least so far.

In fact, countries such as Japan, Taiwan or the US West Coast, but also the Mediterranean sea, have huge potential to develop offshore wind farms. Floating wind turbines could truly unlock geographical areas which were simply unsuitable before.

Additionally, a floating wind farm presents other attractive benefits: for example, the possibility to install onshore and float the structure out; it also means an easier decommissioning process down the line. However, it is undeniable that it also presents several challenges, both on a technical and financial level. Currently, floating costs twice as much as a traditional offshore wind farm and the pressure on developers to make this new stream of revenue scalable and competitive in a short term is huge. 

What will be covered?

The Floating Offshore Wind event is designed for developers, OEMs, investors and technology providers to address the risk factors, overcome key concerns and identify the global potential for floating offshore wind.

This will be an unmissable opportunity for all parties to build relationships when it comes to working together on floating wind, by learning from pilot and commercial projects. Developers, particularly, will be able to look at the bigger picture, being prepared today for the O&M challenges of the future.

The agenda includes:

  • Addressing investment concerns and risks
  • Moorings and inspection requirements specific to floating
  • How developers think about strategy, predictions for floating, risk management and long term success with OEMs
  • OEMs' key concerns and role in accelerating floating wind
  • Spotting the gaps in floating offshore wind, by The Carbon Trust
  • Case studies on:
    • The Groix And Belle-Ile Pre-Commercial Wind Farm Project 
    • The VERTIWIND ADEME Project 
    • The Morro Bay Offshore (MBO) Project 
    • The Hywind Project 


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