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Giving you the tools to prevent business interruption from internal or external digital disruptions

As it becomes a larger percentage of the energy mix, it is more important than even that wind power continues to provide the grid with power at a sustainable rate, as well as in an environmentally sustainable way. However, across all industries business interruption and financial losses incurred through cyber breaches are doubling year on year. This alarming trend coupled with wind’s growing importance as a critical piece of energy infrastructure means cyber security is becoming an unignorable concern for the wind power industry. Designed to share best practice and develop strategies to protect the industry from downtime caused by internal or external digital disruptions. The Cyber Security and Risk Management Strategic Forum is an opportunity to create a community of trust for the wind power industry. Moveover, select sessions during the day will be held under ‘Chatham House Rule’ to ensure an openness of discussion and facilitate the sharing of information.

Why attend?

  • Manage Security Risks: Examine the physical and digital points of weakness for a wind farm and control access to your physical assets to prevent digital infiltration
  • Protect Against Cyber Attacks: Use penetration testing to highlight weaknesses in your SCADA communications and verify suppliers claims on security
  • Detect Cyber Security Events: Segment turbine control networks to reduce the impact of attacks and protect SCADA communications to and from the control centre without anti-virus software


Confirmed speakers so far include:

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