Blade Inspection, Damage and Repair 


Post-Forum Workshop: Thursday 12 October 2017 

Blade Manufacturing & Composites: Implementing Quality Assurance Processes 

Registration 08:30 

Start 09:00

End 15:30 

This full-day workshop will cover the intricacies of blade design and manufacturing. This year’s focus will be on quality assurance and how by implementing certain processes, we can ultimately and significantly extend a blade’s lifetime once operational.

09:00 Welcome Remarks 

09:15 Part I 

  • Changing the utilities’ approach towards manufacturing through more effective quality assurance and control practices
  • Addressing insufficient quality issues due to cost of investment
  • How to implement a quality process for every manufacturing step

Andrew Kay,  Lead Engineer - BLEEP,  ORE Catapult

10:45 Networking Break And Morning Refreshements 

11:15 Part II

  • Identifying and dealing with defects
  • Blade erosion defects and how to improve design and manufacturing through:

a)   Pre-installation inspections

b)   Vibration level monitoring

  • Structural issues: how much do OEMs need to share with clients?

Inaki Armendariz Senosiain,  Mechanical Engineer,   Siemens/Gamesa

12:45 Networkign Lunch 

13:45 Part III 

  • Automation and mechanisation of manufacturing processes
  • Material innovations: fibre, resin, core materials, adhesives and coatings
  • Geographic variations and environmental factors in performance requirements and solutions
  • Testing and certification

Ajay Kapadia, Knowledge Transfer Manager Materials - Composites, Knowledge Transfer Network

15:15 Key Takeaways 

15:30 End Of The Workshop