Blade Inspection, Damage and Repair 


Bladena are experts in root cause analysis of blades and have specialized knowledge on structural blade failure and knows how to avoid failures on blades. We provide structural enhancement technologies, we provide for lighter and stronger blades with higher durability. Bladena's technologies are available as a toolbox that address the root causes of individual problem areas in the blade design and manufacturing. They are flexible in their design and each manufacturer may develop their preferred way of implementation to accommodate individual requirements.

Cornis is the leading technology provider for blade O&M management and inspection tools. We support OEMs, utilities, ISPs or UAB companies whenever they need a unique solution to follow wind turbine blades along their life cycle.
Our main technologies include but are not limited to:

  • Panoblade for external blade inspections
  • Intrablade for internal blade inspections 
  • Blade manager, our online web-based platform helps you assess your blades online, share results in a collaborative way and ultimately, take concrete O&M decisions

By the end of 2016, 2600 turbines were inspected using Cornis technologies. We are active in 20 countries worldwide.

Altitec is a respected global specialist in wind turbine rotor blade access, inspection and repair, an industry-certified training provider, and an exclusive distributor and service partner for market-leading vertical access systems. With a 20-year track record supporting firms in the energy, construction and emergency services sectors, we have developed into a one-stop shop, not only for high-quality, efficient maintenance services, conducted at height, but also for the technology and training that makes this essential work possible.

3M products are being used to build and maintain wind turbines around the world. From design and manufacturing through day-to-day operations - 3M offers a wide array of innovative technology solutions, designed to enhance reliability, increases performance, provide protection against harsh environment and improve blade aerodynamics

As part of Skagen Sandblæseri & Skibsservice, Skagen Blade Technology has more than 30 years’ experience in surface treatment of steel and fiber glass constructions. The company specialises in maintenance and repairs of wind turbines, bridges, tank installations and pipe lines. Skagen Blade Technology was founded in 2014 with the purpose of providing services to owners of wind turbines and has in the past two years performed rope access inspections and repairs of blades and towers in Europe and Asia. To accommodate the increasing demand for flexibility and low costs, Skagen Blade Technology has developed a mobile solution for repairing and painting blades full-scale close to the turbine or harbour site.

In 2015, Skagen Blade Technology and Blade Repair Solutions joined forces to develop and introduce a leading edge protection that offers a unique protection of blades. The BRS soft shell is custom-made to fit the specific blade type and is manufactured in one piece under climate controlled conditions, ensuring a stable process and high-quality product. The BRS soft shell was mounted successfully on an onshore test turbine in Sweden in September this year.

HENSOLDT is a globally leading supplier of premium sensors for security and surveillance missions.  Capitalising  on more than a hundred years of experience in high-performance technology, we are the world market leader for missile warning systems and submarine periscopes.  Moreover, HENSOLDT is well represented in the market for radar systems, optronics and electronic protection systems.

Renewable Advice specialise in wind turbine blades, with technical expertise from within the industry, knowledge of all blade technologies and a proven, experienced track record from blade manufacturing through to inspections and structural repairs in the field.

Bladefence is a specialist for wind turbine blade condition analysis, repairs and maintenance. The company utilises advanced skylift equipment and UV-curing blade repair method in its operations. In combination, these enable operations in harsh weather conditions, cutting-edge efficiency and minimise turbine downtime. The company was certified by Germanischer Lloyd for blade repairs in 2012 as the first company in the Nordic countries. The company offers services throughout Europe.

Rope robotics was founded 1st May 2016 by Hans Laurberg and Martin Huus Bjerge and we are currently 10 employees. The company is located in Åbyhøj. The purpose of our products is to reduce the manual labor in high risk and complex environments and thereby improving the health and safety in these areas and at the same time improving quality and cost. Our goal is to always deliver high quality solutions, products and services and thereby provide the maximum benefit to our customers and partners.

Maersk Training offers state-of-the-art facilities and specialises in training for the Oil & Gas, Maritime and Offshore Wind sectors. As an independent A.P. Moller–Maersk company, Maersk Training has UK training centres in Aberdeen and Newcastle, alongside global training centres in Denmark, Norway, India, Dubai, the USA and Brazil.

Developed with support from wind industry technical experts 8.2 Aarufield, Maersk Training offer a ground breaking ten day Competent Rotorblade Technician course designed specifically at supporting the creation of a global workforce of Competent Rotorblade Technicians.

GE is the world’s Digital Industrial Company, transforming industry with software-defined machines and solutions that are connected, responsive and predictive. GE is organized around a global exchange of knowledge, the "GE Store," through which each business shares and accesses the same technology, markets, structure and intellect. Each invention further fuels innovation and application across our industrial sectors. With people, services, technology and scale, GE delivers better outcomes for customers by speaking the language of industry.

Wind Power LAB is an automated blade defect detection and artificial intelligence (AI) service company for wind turbine blades, offering high quality engineering advise on blade integrity. We enable our clients to assess overall blade condition with predominant precision, speed and scalability, using validated machine learning techniques and superior blade expertise.

As a worldwide leader in one-source asset protection solutions, MISTRAS Group has the technology, solutions and experience to support your wind power operations in every phase.

MISTRAS Wind Team specialise in inspection and maintenance of utility-scale wind turbine blades and towers using industry-leading rope access capabilities. Each Mistras Wind technician undergoes world-class technical training in rope access and specialised disciplines. Both traditional and advanced NDT technology is utilised to evaluate the integrity of assets and materials.

8.2 Aarufield is a UK-based renewable energy consultancy offering high-end technical, commercial and financial advice to clients who invest in, construct and operate offshore and onshore wind, solar and biomass plants. Our focus is on the provision of advisory services, project leadership, contracting and operational technical support, monitoring and intelligence.

PolyTech is a fast-growing global company highly specialized in the wind industry. PolyTech's focus is the design and manufacture of OEM and aftermarket products for turbine blades. Company expertise majors on: 

· Leading edge protection
· Lightning protection
· Turbine internals
· Blade Add-ons (serrations, vortex generators, spoilers)

PolyTech is your partner throughout the entire value chain. From design to production, from off-the- shelf to custom-made. The company shares your ambitions and understands your goals. PolyTech encourages your aspirations and helps find you solutions.

Pro-Drone has developed a turn-key solution for the inspection of wind blades using autonomous drones. Our package delivers a full turbine inspection in under 30 mins of flight time while ensuring full blade coverage in sub-millimeter resolution. Furthermore, through our BladeInsight cloud platform we provide an intuitive and comprehensive package to analise the data, generate reports and manage field operations. Our comprehensive package reduces downtime, improves operational efficiency and data quality while virtually eliminating the risk to human health.  By embracing automation and customising flight control we are paving the way for the next generation of blade inspections. Inspections 2.0.

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