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Forum Day 2: Thursday 14 March 2019

Morning Refreshments and Registration


Chairperson's Introduction

overcoming damage and failure crises


Crisis Management and Minimising Costs of Blade Failure

  • Preventative strategies (maintenance)
  • Mitigating health and safety risk of failure
  • Planning access route in advance for logistic cost reduction
  • Ensuring hardstands are in good condition to react to failure
  • Assessment of the supply chain of spares for efficient replacement
Diego Kieffer, Turbine Maintenance Manager, RES

Spotlight: Best-Practice for Managing Risk to Minimise Incidence of Blade Failure and Ensure a Stronger Case for Insurance Claims

  • Understanding blades as high risk assets
  • Identifying common blade damage causes
  • Providing owner / operators the tools to document and manage risk

Dr Athanasios Kolios, Professor in Risk and Asset Management, University of Strathclyde


Spotlight: What Insurers Want Owners / Operators to Know When Insuring High Risk Assets

  • A case study from a loss adjuster providing a behind-the-scenes look into what can make or break a blade damage claim
  • Walking through the insurance process for common claims

Alan Tucker, UK Managing Director, ABACO International Loss Adjusters


Morning Refreshments and Networking



How to Organise Inspection and Repair From Day One to Ensure Lifetime Extension

  • Looking beyond serial repairs as a maintenance strategy
  • What owners and operators can do from day one to ensure lifetime extension
  • Getting the most out of an end-of-warranty asset
  • Benchmarking O&M strategy against best-practice for lifetime extension

George Pechlivanoglou, Chief Technical Officer, Eunice Wind


Panel Discussion: In-house versus outsourced inspection and repair - fitting the maintenance strategy to the wind farm

  • Exploring the advantages and disadvantages of taking O&M in-house
  • Discussing potential difficulties with sourcing and keeping local service providers
  • Determining the pre-requisites of an owner / operator to enter self-maintenance

Eduardo Rodrigues Ramirez, Blade Manager, Falck Renewables

Robert Farrell, O&M Engineer, ESB International

Jeremy Hellot, Blade Maintenance Engineer, ENGIE

Hans - Peter Zimmer, Director, Blade Care


Networking Lunch 



Onstage Interview: Where is Blade Manufacture Heading, and How Can This Reduce Costs Over Asset Lifetime for Owner / Operators?

  • How owners and operators can make their voices heard for future developments
  • A spotlight on where OEM's are changing manufacturing and testing processes of design
  • Opening a dialogue between owner / operators and OEM's regarding blade design and manufacture

Konstantin Behnisch, Head of Blade Service and Composites, Nordex


Panel Discussion: Standardising Design, Testing and Manufacture and How This Could Solve Disputes between Owner / Operators and Turbine Manufacturers

  • Recognising regulatory impact on industry-wide activity
  • Communicating with OEM's to determine testing parameters
  • Defining "wear and tear" to the satisfaction of OEM's and owner / operators
  • Benefits and harms to operations and maintenance with a standardised approach
  • Identifying potential elements of design and production to be standardised

Christian Bak, Senior Scientist, DTU

Nicolas Quievy, Wind Technology Manager, ENGIE

Lorenzo Occhineri, WTG Quality Manager, Triton Knoll Wind Farm, Innogy


Afternoon Refreshments and Networking 


Roundtable Working Groups

Attendees will have the opportunity to pick two roundtable discussions to participate in. These roundtables will provide attendees with the opportunity to have an open and informal discussion with peers regarding strategic and practical challenges they face in their role. The purpose of these discussions is to present questions and challenges to the chair, and an opportunity to work together to suggest solutions.

Inspection and Repair in Challenging Environments

Inspection and repair in cold climates

Chair: Feodor Gurvitz, Managing Director, 3D Wind Services

  • Reducing risk of operating in icy conditions
  • Analysing de-icing and anti-icing solutions on the market

Automated Inspection 

Chair:  Craig Gordon, Head of Projects, Natural Power

  • Automated drone inspection - what is available?
  • Cost-benefit of introducing automated inspection 

Materials - Properties and Inspection 

Composite Materials

  • Properties of materials used in blades and blade coatings
  • Fracture analysis - when a crack is a crack, and when a crack is a concern

Non-Destructive Testing

  • Acoustic/vibration, thermographic imaging and digital radiography - which methods have worked? Which haven't?
  • Newest techniques - what can still be developed?
  • Cost management for NDT


Chair's Closing Remarks


Close of Day 2