providing insight into next-generation technology and asset management strategy

Windpower Monthly presents... Blade O&M Europe 2019

Providing insight into next-generation technology and asset management strategy 

Join us to learn about the latest strategies for the operation and maintenance of blades. With more panels, more interactive roundtables, and more owner/operators leading sessions than ever before, the upcoming Blade O&M Europe 2019 conference will explore cost-benefit analysis and best practices for lifetime extension of the asset, latest technologies for inspection and repair and new trends in blade manufacture and design. 

The Blade O&M Europe conference covers a variety of common concerns and opportunities for wind owners and operators, including:

  • Inspection and repair strategies
  • Designing robust blades for increased output
  • Thermographic imaging for inspection
  • Application of AI for condition monitoring 

Forum Day 1: Wednesday 13 March 2019

Morning Refreshments and Delegate Registration


Chairperson's Introduction


Market Outlook in Mature, Re-emerging and New Markets

  • Outlook in Central and Northern Europe
  • Concerns regarding older windfarms in re-emerging markets
  • New markets within and outside of Europe

Nadia Weekes, Head of Content, Windpower Monthly


Building a Mutually Beneficial Relationship Between Owner / Operators and Turbine Manufacturers 

  • Recognising the role of intellectual property in blade inspection and maintenance
  • Communicating requests for manufacturer information
  • The value of a culture of trust between owner/operators and OEM's

Roland Flaig, Head of Wind Operations (EU North), E.On


Head of O&M Panel Discussion: Trends in Blade Operations and Maintenance to be Prepared For in the Next Year

  • Adapting to current market trend of larger blades in operations strategy
  • New approaches for regular and targeted inspections
  • Discussing what needs to be developed for real-time, remote-access condition monitoring to reach the market

Roland Flaig, Head of Wind Operations (EU North), E.On

Stanislav Cetkovsky, Head of O&M, CEZ

Anders Rylin, Head of Operations, Stena Renewables


Morning Refreshments and Networking


Case Study: Ground-based Thermographic Imaging One Year On

  • Detection of structural material defects on surface and subsurface of blades
  • Using the data from thermographic imaging to improve repairs
  • What has been found?

Lene Hellstern, Head of Operations and Asset Management, HOFOR 


Panel Discussion: How Will Thermographic Imaging Change Responsibility for Blade Failure?

  • Determining capabilities of subsurface thermographic imaging with regard to detecting incorrect repair and manufacturing-level defects
  • Discussing responsibility for damage in cases of incorrect repair
  • Considering potential for subsurface inspection to change warranty negotiations

Birgit Junker, Fleet Manager, E.On

Lene Hellstern, Head of Operations and Asset Management, HOFOR

Giannino Martin, Operational Excellence Deputy Director, Boralex

Christoph Geissler, Sales Manager , Hensoldt


Networking Lunch



Realising Condition Monitoring with Artificial Intelligence for Optimised Operations and Blade Lifetime Extension

  • Overview of artificial intelligence for data analysis on the market
  • How machine learning can be used to evaluate blade condition
  • Forecast of live fault-detection technology

Nicolas Quievy, Wind Turbine Manager, ENGIE Green


Case Study: "End in Mind" - A Holistic Blade O&M Strategy

  • Identifying challenges of lifetime extension with end-of-warranty inspection strategy
  • Advantages of inspection throughout asset lifetime
  • How to manage collected data for improved O&M

Rui Meneses, O&M Area Manager, Iberwind


Afternoon Refreshments and Networking

combating surface damage


Understanding the Causes of Blade Surface Damages and Their Influence on Energy Output

  • Measuring blade surface roughness and correlating energy output
  • Modelling surface damage as a result of erosion
  • Predicting energy production based on level of surface damage

Christian Bak, Senior Scientist, DTU


Informing Maintenance Strategies to Efficiently Manage Leading Edge Erosion

  • Quantifying the performance benefit of erosion repairs
  • Balancing the costs and benefits of blade maintenance interventions
  • Benchmarking the performance of inspection technologies

Owen Murphy, Engineering Manager, ORE Catapult


Industry-Wide Evaluation of Leading Edge Erosion Protection on the Market

  • Impact of leading edge erosion on blade operations and increased need for repair
  • Leading edge erosion protection (LEP) currently on the market
  • The value of sharing inspection data to determine performance of LEP

Morten Christiansen, Offshore Asset Integrity Manager, Innogy Renewables


Q&A Ask the Experts

Our panel of speakers answer your most pressing questions about blade surface damage

Christian Bak, Senior Scientist, DTU

Owen Murphy, Engineering Manager, ORE Catapult

Morten Christiansen, Offshore Asset Integrity Manager, Innogy Renewables


Chair's Closing Remarks


End of Day 1