Asset Life Optimisation Forum

Day 2 - Wednesday 28 February 2018


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Chair’s Opening Remarks

Chris Smith,  Generation And Asset Management Director, RES Group

Life Cycle Optimisation And Getting Return On Your Investment


CASE STUDY: Getting Maximum R.O.I And Optimising The Future Cash flow Of Your Investments

  • Calculating whether a particular upgrade retrofit or life extension is worthwhile

  • Ensuring a return on investment from a life extension

  • Understanding the benefits of repowering or extending life earlier

  • Proving the costs benefit analysis of investment decisions based on extra availability and profitability gained from the decision

  • Maintaining high returns by knowing when to invest and optimise performance for increased profits

  • Properly estimating the wind farm maturity point to sync the service and maintenance contracts involved

  • Upgrading your cash flow management by pre-empting tariff markets in other countries and decommissioning early

  • Forecasting subsidy windows and including this in your future cash flow projections

Joe Berry, Partner, Boron Yield


PANEL: Increasing Output Whilst Increasing Life: Making Every Choice A Strategic One For The Life Of Your Asset 

  • Timing all your operations correctly for greater financial benefit and minimal downtime

  • How do different levels of erosion affect you financially and when is the optimal time to step in and take action?

  • How everything from the finance, to CAPEX, OPEX, operations and even cash flow can be optimised from a business perspective

  • Creating synergies with minimum variance in components across your portfolio using economies of scale

  • Calculating when to sweat your assets once they reach maturity

Chair:  Chris Smith,  Generation And Asset Management Director, RES


Sarah Sancho, Asset Leader,  Glennmont Partners 

David Robb, Director of Optimisation Services, Wood

Keir Harman, Director - Asset Operations & Management, DNV.GL


Networking Break And Morning Refreshments


The Root Map To Asset Optimisation Approach: Empowering Owners To Be More Informed About Optimising their Assets 

  • Bridging the gap between wind turbines technology and wind farm owners/operators
  • Using pre and post construction data in combination with turbine technology knowledge to achieve operating goals  
  • Determining residual life and assessing the options available based on the results
  • Selecting and implementing optimization measures like Wind farm control
  • Estimating costs and benefits of the measures to guide their implementation

Giuseppe Ferraro, Business Development Manager - Turbine Engineering Support, DNV.GL


Using Retrofitting, Upgrades And Blade Care To Increase Your Yields

  • Adding blade extensions/servicing various components to get better performance
  • What are the benefits of tip and rotor extensions? Is there a calculable R.O.I?
    • How to mitigate extra loads on turbine structure with new upgrades
    • Using lidar to assess the feasibility of certain upgrades
  • Maintaining your blades to the optimum standard and strategically choosing when to repair for best financial optimisation
  • What percentage increase can be gained from repairing/maintaining damaged blades?

Phil Alderson,  Senior Turbine Optimisation Engineer, RES Group

Determining Lifetime, Strategic Life Extension And Portfolio Management


Lifetime Extension: How To Calculate Wind Farm Remaining Useful Lifetime?

  • Why is this topic so important for all stakeholders in the wind industry?

  • Principles of the calculation : analytical & theoretical complementary approaches

  • Required input data and process: from design & wind farm conditions to damage equivalent load and remaining useful life

  • Importance of the uncertainty calculation

Pauline Levée Regional Business Development EMEA, UL 


Networking Lunch


Using Load Limiting Retrofits To Extend Wind Turbine Lifetimes 

  • Engineering Approach: Modifying the leading edge of blades to reduce fatigue and create extra production yield.
  • Strategic approach: How to use a retrofit to increase lifetime
  • Making the certification process easier
  • How these changes resulting in increased lifetime can also create less failure and down times for overall reduced OPEX expenditure. 

Achim Fischer, Managing Director, TEG 


The Need For A Greater Emphasis On Data To Achieve Masterful Analysis Of Your Portfolio

  • Using analytical tools to establish where that margin is for performance efficiencies

  • Modelling component degradation to forecast more accurate O&M costs

  • Creating partnerships with your software and analytical platform providers to get the information the way you specifically need it for your site

  • Using data initiatives such as WInD-POOL and the SPARTA project to benchmark your operations against the rest of the industry

  • How to create the commercial interest for OEMs in being more forthcoming with information

  • What do the IEC 61400 data standards recommend for asset management?

John Celliers,  Program Manager Digitilization Roadmap,  E.ON 


Forecasting For An Entire Portfolio And Developing KPIs For Optimal Results

  • Producing more energy and greater performance from your assets using better performance indicators

  • What power boost retrofits are available to increase yield and fix reliability issues?

  • Ensuring that the improvements measurable

  • Forecasting improvements from retrofits for investment

  • Using monthly reporting, 24/7 control centers and scada monitoring for a better flow of information on your asset

  • Creating synergies with minimum variance in components across your portfolio to reduce costs

  • What virtual models and software platforms are available for detailed information on each of your turbines and the wind farm as a whole?

  • Using monitoring software to create easy kpi’s and stay on top of your investment

Bart Hoefakker, Operations Manager, Gemini Wind Park


Chairman's Closing Remarks

Chris Smith,  Generation And Asset Management Director, RES Group


End Of Forum And Extended Networking Break 


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