Fleet Monitoring & Data Analysis

25 May 2016
Berlin, Germany


By popular request, Windpower Monthly is launching a new Spring data analysis special event in 2016 to enable the industry to progress pressing issues that will help to bring down the financial risk involved in operating onshore and offshore wind farms.

Specifically, it will bring together the analytical, O&M, asset management and engineering communities to share experiences of using data in smarter ways to reduce OPEX and improve energy yield.

Hot topics on the agenda include:

  • Sharing information within the industry on failure modes and mechanisms, to reduce OPEX 
  • Standardisation: forging the next steps towards a full set of standards to boost financiers’ confidence in wind 
  • Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) data analysis: what can be achieved from this approach?
  • Novel analysis and cutting edge research on machine learning, condition monitoring techniques, analytics and the financial payoff 
  • The business case and available solutions for electrical component monitoring

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