WEBCAST: When is a failed wind turbine really a failure?

10 Sep 2014
Windpower TV


Historically, gearboxes and main bearings have been a headache for wind farm operators and owners. They have failed to meet service expectations within such a dynamic operating environment.

So how do your main bearings measure up? Is your bearing system reliable? How can you reduce costs without compromising reliability?

In this live Windpower Monthly webcast, we take a detailed look at the material issues and the true wear and tear of bearings.

Tune in live to learn:
- How to get the best from inspections and existing data
- How to classify bearing damage
- Strategies to address the root problem of failed bearings and extend their life
- When you should replace bearings
- The secrets to increase drivetrain performance

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear our expert speakers discuss how software and services can help you increase drivetrain performance, increase reliability, reduce costs and solve existing issues.

Speakers include 
Richard Smith, Fleet Engineering Manager, Romax
Moderated by Eric Prideaux, Editor, Windpower Intelligence and Data

Sponsored by Romax
Romax Technology is a global leader in providing consulting, engineering and software solutions for end-to-end driveline, bearings and gearboxes across the wind energy, automotive, aerospace, rail, off road, marine and bearings industries.

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