Forum Day 2: Wednesday 14th June 2017


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Chair's Opening Remarks 

Mike O'Hare,  Senior Development Manager,  National Grid



Choosing The Correct Technology And Using Battery Metrics To Your Advantage

  • How storage could help with the limitations of grid connections, balance the economics and make output more predictable
  • What is the correct metrics with regards to volume, power and lifespan needed for scenarios?
  • Using the right type of batteries suitable for your project
  • How do flow batteries compare with other tech for wind applications?

Paul Gardner, Global Segment Leader, DNV.GL


Design And Operation Of A 2Mw Grid Connected Battery And Second Life EV Batteries On The Grid

  • The design process to connect to the grid
  • Efficiencies and economies of scale that can be gained: Pre-existing grid connections and joining O&M projects
  • Being smarter with deployment for efficiency and lower costs
  • Adding value from deployment stage to grow business models and reduce upfront cost

  • Comparisons between lithium and lead Chemistries & different size systems

  • Possible second life EV battery usage on the grid

Prof. David Stone, Electronic And Electrical Engineering, Sheffield University


Smart Control Of Energy For Battery Energy Storage Systems 

  • Providing a single interface between the site SCADA system and local energy assets including storage
  • Collecting and summarising data from the local energy assets
  • Automatic control of up to 50 local energy assets, with choice of control algorithms including frequency regulation, peak-shaving, ramping and voltage control
  • MESA compliant

Dr. David Blood,  Market Manager EMEA, Parker Hannifin, Energy Grid Tie Division


Morning Refreshments And Networking Opportunity


Panel: How Far Can The Cost Of Batteries Fall And What Are The Driving Forces?

  • Why game playing in the capacity market could create unrealistic price expectations
  • How the cost of different lithium-ion chemistries must be taken into consideration
  • How to optimise the size of your battery for the best return
  • Will the losses experienced in energy transfer come down with the cost?
  • What are the cost drivers of bringing down cost and the battery providers on capacity and price fluctuations?

Chair:  Mike O'Hare,  Senior Development Manager,  National Grid

Panel Participants:

Chris Wright, CTO, Moixa

Julia Badeda, Manager Of  Business Development Stationary Storage Systems, BatterieIngenieure GmbH

Ben Irons, Executive Director - Commissioned Projects, Aurora Energy Research


Battery Storage: What Can We Learn From The Wind And Solar Sectors

  • Can we avoid an overheated market?
  • Will increased development be driven by commercial stakeholders or political interests?
  • How might component prices and location of suppliers affect UK storage development?

Helen Bone, Senior Associate, Pinsent Masons


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West Burton B 49MW EFR Battery Storage Project: Key Factors Of Success And Challenges

  • Project introduction and the business opportunity
  • Asset sizing and technology choice
  • Definition on the revenue stack and technical implication
  • Project challenges involved

Michele Schiavone, Head Of Offshore Wind And New Technologies, EDF Energy Renewables


Where Is The Balance In Network Connected Electricity Storage?

  • Is there a practical limit to adding storage to the network?
  • Storage technology: Is the location and application important to developers, users and the system operator?

Anthony Price,   Director & Secretary,   The Electricity Storage Network


Integration Strategies For Wind And PV In Germany - Opportunities For Storage

  • Current framework and market development for small and large-scale storage in Germany
  • Energy storage units operating in the primary control power market and pilots to integrate wind energy
  • New business models in small-scale storage to create a large-scale interconnected energy network

Anne Brautigam,  Senior Manager,  Germany Trade & Invest


Afternoon Refreshments And Networking Opportunities


Case Study: Backing Up Intermittent Generation To Deliver Flexible Grid Support

  • The scale of the challenge
  • How DSR, interconnectors, batteries and large scale storage work together to deliver the back-up that is required?
  • Five scales of storage and what this means for the electricity network
  • GW scale storage enabling GW scale renewables
  • Large scale storage and the electricity market

Mark Howitt,  CTO,  Storelectric 


How Domestic Energy Storage Will Become Mass Market, From MWh Deployed To GWh

  • Compelling customer propositions, solar 2.0 gaining traction as subsidies disappear
  • What does a mass market storage solution look like?
  • Aggregating storage systems for grid services

Chris Wright, CTO, Moixa


Renewable Integration: A Look At Network Level Integration Or Co-Location

  • How storage helps integrate wind and solar at the plant level and system level, and the similarities and differences between those applications
  • The case of behind the meter storage supporting self-consumption of on-site renewable generation
  • Case studies from AES’ experience deploying grid scale battery-based energy storage to support renewables

Imran Abbasi, Business Development, AES Energy Storage


Chair's Closing Remarks

Mike O'Hare,  Senior Development Manager,  National Grid


End Of Forum