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WindTech: Who said that size doesn’t matter?

Wind turbine trends for 2020 all point in one direction: bigger is better. Eize de Vries reviews the year’s best-selling models

Enercon owner forms onshore wind developer with EWE

The new company – Alterric – claims its pooled development portfolio and project pipeline make it a leader for onshore wind in Germany

German wind sector proposes permitting and repowering fixes

WindEurope, BWE and several turbine manufacturers and wind developers have called on the German government to help the sector

Covid-19 update: WindEnergy Hamburg goes digital

How the global coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is impacting the industry's 2020 goals.

Enercon installs high-wind EP3 prototype

Enercon has completed the installation of the first prototype of the high-wind variant on its new EP3 platform — the E-115 EP3 E3

Enercon to restructure German manufacturing footprint - updated

Enercon plans to set up 'centres of excellence' for nacelle and generator production and simplify its complex supplier structure