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Enercon takes Covid-19 precautions

Turbine maker Enercon is in a Covid-19 crisis mode by taking extensive measures for the best possible protection of employees’ health and to ensure continued operations.

China and US lead rise in global growth

The wind industry had a better year than in 2018, but the slowing Chinese economy and permitting problems in major markets are affecting growth. Windpower Monthly does some number crunching.

Vestas leads the pack with squeezed market share

Global wind turbine commissioning increased 21% to nearly 61GW in 2019, with Danish manufacturer Vestas once again taking the top supplier spot despite its market share being squeezed and after the OEM installed less capacity than it did the previous year.

Dutch investor enters South America

Dutch infrastructure investment fund manager DIF Capital Partners has agreed to buy a 51.7MW wind farm in Uruguay from German manufacturer Enercon and compatriot developer Eab New Energy.

Husum 2019: Germany's gloomy reality

"If this goes on, we'll have phased out wind energy long before lignite and coal."

Wind gambles on copper price and availability

New wind power installations between 2018 and 2028 will use more than 5.5 million tonnes (Mt) of copper -- more than double the amount used in the last ten years -- despite declining supplies and rising prices.