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Enercon-owner and EWE joint venture names first CEO

New European onshore wind developer names former Vattenfall managing director as its first chief executive officer

'Do we want a green transition or not?', wind industry asks

Community engagement and faster permitting can help speed up wind power development in Europe, Electric City panellists believe

Enercon selects former Nordex boss as new CEO

Enercon hires former Nordex chief executive Jürgen Zeschky to replace outgoing CEO Momme Janssen

Turbines of the Year 2020: Onshore turbines 4.5MW-plus

Western and Chinese OEMs concentrate much of their development work on this class, with medium-speed drivetrains an area to watch

Turbines of the Year 2020: Onshore turbines up to 4.4MW

The continuing trend for onshore turbines to grow in size and capacity is reflected in the extended threshold for this category, but the top two models somewhat broke the mould

Turbines of the Year 2020: Winners against all odds

The wind-energy industry’s ingenuity and resilience shone through the many challenges of 2020, with new approaches to old ideas