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Russian nuclear firm Rosatom plans first foreign wind farm

Russian nuclear giant Rosatom’s wind power arm aims to build a 128MW wind farm in Vietnam – its first foreign wind power project.

Why repowering is key to the energy transition

Replacing small, 20-year-old turbines with the latest technology offers savings over new wind farms and increased power yields

How Wobben made Enercon a direct-drive wind pioneer

From innovative turbines to transport, Enercon founder Aloys Wobben was a gifted inventor. Eize de Vries looks at his legacy

Enercon founder Aloys Wobben has died

Founder of German manufacturer and pioneer of gearless wind turbines, Aloys Wobben, has died after a long illness

Windpower Intelligence Global Forecast: July 2021

Below we present our latest global capacity forecasts to 2027.