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New system forces tower supplier to cut output

GERMANY: WEC Turmbau Emden, a company exclusively supplying turbine manufacturer Enercon with concrete tower segments, expects output to fall sharply over the coming months, forcing the company to cut jobs.

Romanian 1GW could help Netherlands reach targets

ROMANIA: A consortium of "four European entrepreneurs" are appealing to the Netherlands to co-fund three wind farms with a capacity of about 1GW.

Testing to the extreme

BELGIUM: The wind industry is evolving in two main directions: new, and bigger turbines including new technologies and new, more extreme markets.

Flexible grids key to wind's growth

The wind industry is on the cusp of a major shift in direction and focus. Installing turbines in likely places and getting their power on to the grid any old how is simply not going to cut it in the future, certainly not in developed markets.

Rio Energy to build eight projects in Brazil

BRAZIL: Developer Rio Energy is to build eight wind sites in northeast Brazil after securing financing from the country's state-owned development bank BNDES.

Vestas wins 31MW deal in Germany

GERMANY: Vestas has been awarded a 31MW order from local developer Uhl Windkraft Projektierung to provide its V136-3.45MW turbine.

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