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How Nordex tackled N163/5.X installation challenges

High winds in late August delayed the mounting of the 80-metre blades for Nordex’s biggest prototype yet. Eize de Vries reports

Enercon set to test E-nacelle prototype for E-160 EP5 E3

The ‘plug and play’ E-nacelle marks a major milestone in Enercon’s technology transition. Eize de Vries sees the prototype taking shape

How Wobben made Enercon a direct-drive wind pioneer

From innovative turbines to transport, Enercon founder Aloys Wobben was a gifted inventor. Eize de Vries looks at his legacy

GE launches 6MW onshore wind turbine

GE Renewable Energy's new Cypress 6.0-164 turbine will have a power rating of 6.00MW and a rotor diameter of 164 metres

Windtech: Click-on and go device promises fast turbine evacuation

Quick access to a safe way to escape from a turbine fire is key to saving lives. Eize de Vries finds out why a new evacuation system claims to have the edge over traditional rope-based rescue solutions

Enercon lines up CEO replacement as Kettwig retires

Enercon board member Momme Janssen will replace Hans-Dieter Kettwig, who is due to retire at the start of next month