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News & in-depth analysis of Enercon's wind energy business, contracts and deals.

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Enercon suppliers to close

GERMANY: A fall in turbine orders has forced Enercon to schedule closure of component suppliers in Germany and Austria.

WindTech: Enercon opens new channels for green energy

GERMANY: The German turbine maker has developed a high-performance charging station for the latest generation of electric vehicles, and has ambitious plans for wind power development in India and Argentina.

Ex-JV partner's control of O&M hits 3GW of Enercon turbines

INDIA: Close to 3GW of old Enercon machines in the Indian states of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Rajasthan are in a state of disrepair due to a lack of spare components and the refusal of the manufacturer's former business partner to relinquish service contracts.

GE unveils 4.8MW turbine

UNITED STATES: GE Renewable Energy has burst onto the 4MW onshore turbine market unveiling a 4.8MW machine, with a 158-metre rotor, one of the largest offered by any manufacturer.

Nordex takes Delta series over 4MW

GERMANY: Nordex is joining Enercon and Vestas in the 4MW club, developing its 3MW Delta series into a 4.0-4.5MW turbine with a 149-metre rotor. Eize de Vries was given an exclusive preview.

Auction effect takes hold

The move towards competitive tendering through auction systems is still a relatively new development in the wind industry. But it is already having significant impacts, though sometimes in ways and directions that were not anticipated.

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