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News and in-depth analysis of wind power, wind farms and wind industry companies and policy in emerging markets, including Brazil and India.

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Analysis: Is Bulgaria’s decade of dormancy giving way to a wind revival?

After a decade in the doldrums, Bulgaria’s wind energy sector is showing signs of life but can it overcome the obstacles ahead?

Analysis: Why did private investors shun Lithuania’s first offshore wind tender?

Renewable energy majors expressed their interest in Lithuanian offshore wind before the market newcomer held its first tenders, but only two bidders entered the first round. Windpower Monthly spoke to two experts, one of whom branded the auction a “joke”.

Analysis: Chile’s renewables boom becomes ‘perfect nightmare’ as firms face ruin

After a golden decade, Chile’s renewable industry boom is facing a reckoning and some of its biggest players are in financial difficulty, while dozens more could leave the sector amid disagreement over how to solve the crisis.

Analysis: Is Mexico warming to wind after years of hostility?

After five years of pursuing a hostile policy towards the technology – and under growing pressure from its northern neighbours – there is evidence that Mexico is slowly shifting its stance on wind power.

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