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News & in-depth analysis of E.ON's wind energy business, contracts and deals.

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E.on to own 86.2% of Innogy

GERMANY: Following a voluntary public takeover offer, E.on will own a further 9.4% of RWE subsidiary Innogy on top of the 76.8% parent company's share.

Top 30 People: Places 11 to 20

While the Top 10 list of influential people in the wind industry is very much dominated by manufacturers, the next ten on the list are more of a mixed bunch, with a couple of politicians making an appearance.

Market Status: United Kingdom - New regime cuts cost as election looms

UNITED KINGDOM The UK looks set for another year of steady if unspectacular growth in wind power capacity. Trade body RenewableUK predicts around 1GW being added to the onshore fleet in 2015, while three new offshore projects amounting to 479MW are also scheduled for commissioning this year.

I predict there will always be some unpredictability

With a new year started, and having survived the suggested end of the world on 21 December, I have been reading a number of essays about predictions.

German wind and solar push gas off the grid

GERMANY: Germany's expanding wind and solar generation are pushing gas power stations off the grid, meaning they operate ever fewer hours per year and are struggling to maintain profitability.

Court annuls 1.4GW Cantabria allocation

SPAIN: The supreme court of the Spanish region of Cantabria has annulled the 2009 public wind competition allocating developing rights totalling 1.4GW--mainly to global wind majors Iberdrola, EDP and Eon.