Drivetrain Components Reliability And Optimisation Forum

Drivetrain Component Reliability Forum And Optimisation Forum


The Drivetrain Component Optimisation forum is a technical and commercial meeting designed to bring key stakeholders together in order to improve performance strategies, learn how to extend the lifetime of your turbine components and explore new technologies.

Come along in May and you will:

  • Learn how to find the ideal balance between innovation, cost and quality in order to reduce extensive O&M efforts and ensure built-in reliability
  • Gather knowledge on how to identify the main sources of faults and predict those that will turn into failures

  • Gain insights on how to improve performance through calculations and loads of core drivetrain components

  • Hear about the “Servitisation” disruption and the latest  asset management strategies

  • New and hybrid vs. older turbine designs : does technology innovation mean improvement but also different challenges to foresee?

  • Condition monitoring : usefully and successfully comparing your data and KPIs with wider industry benchmarks

  • Explore new ways of approaching big data and field results to extend turbine longevity

  • The Internet Of Things (IoT) : bridging the gap between wind farm location and remote access

  • Help solving the industry’s headache: retrofitting or replacing?
  • Debate on the next challenge of decommissioning turbines  and what it means for logistics, recycling and financial decisions

PLUS take full advantage of your time by participating in interactive panel discussions, open floor debates and speed networking! 

What did our delegates think about our 2016 edition? 

"Thought provoking and knowledge imparting" - Project Manager,  Fauji Fertilizer Co.

"High technical level and really efficient networking" - Marketing Manager, Ascometal

"A great forum bringing together a number of perspectives" - Sales Manager, Centa

"A well conceived, focused conference" - European Sales Manager, Romax Technology

"Great market wide turnout" - O&M Manager, CEZ Group

"Excellent review of state of the art in best practice" - Strategy Manager, CENER

"Unique breadth of different stakeholders putting reliability as a key CTQ for turbine development and operation!" - Product Manager, GE