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News & in-depth analysis of Dongfang's wind energy business, contracts and deals.

Latest articles about Dongfang Electric Corporation

The blades behind record rotor sizes

To keep pushing the boundaries on rotor size, favourable mass and fast production ramp-up will be key as blades get ever longer.

Chinese giants push boundaries to cut LCoE

Pressure to keep lowering costs sees manufacturers switch from their long-established drivetrain preferences.

MingYang launches 18MW offshore wind turbine with industry’s largest rotor

MingYang Smart Energy has launched an 18MW offshore wind turbine with a 280-metre-plus rotor diameter. Its power rating is on par with the most powerful designs unveiled to date, while its rotor is beyond the sizes offered by MingYang’s competitors.

Vestas holds firm as leading OEM as China challenges for top spots

Five OEMs cornered two thirds of new global installations last year. Windpower Monthly casts an eye over the wind industry's leading contenders.

Vestas leads the pack with squeezed market share

Global wind turbine commissioning increased 21% to nearly 61GW in 2019, with Danish manufacturer Vestas once again taking the top supplier spot despite its market share being squeezed and after the OEM installed less capacity than it did the previous year.

Turbines of the year 2019: Offshore turbines

The sector moves into the double-digit MW zone for the first time.