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Proposed German 1km setback rule to be relaxed

The much-criticised 1,000-metre setback rule proposed by the German federal government could be weakened in a new draft law.

LM Wind Power to close Danish sites

Blade manufacturer LM Wind Power plans to close its pilot plant and mould production facilities in Lunderskov, southern Denmark, by mid-May.

Global onshore O&M costs 'set to continue rising'

Operations and maintenance (O&M) costs will continue to increase while manufacturers negotiate higher rates for contracts and project owners fail to capitalise on predictive analytics.

Open-source 15MW digital turbine launched

Researchers have launched a 15MW reference wind turbine to help manufacturers assess performance and costs ahead of developing a prototype.

Norwegian oil and gas investor forms renewables group

A private equity investor is bundling 20 oil and gas firms in its portfolio into a new industrial group to help them expand into other parts of the energy sector, including renewables.

Middle East and African installations slow in 2019

Wind power installations slowed in Africa and the Middle East last year, according to Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) figures, but the industry body expects faster growth in the next five years.