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Renewables accounted for 72% of 2019's new energy additions

The renewable energy sector added 176GW of new capacity last year, accounting for 72% of global power growth. However, this growth is insufficient to meet global climate targets, according to the International Renewable Energy Association (Irena).

Covid-19 update: Indian forecasts cut

How the global coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is impacting the industry's 2020 goals.

Covid-19 weekly updates: 30 March-3 April

With coronavirus (Covid-19) dominating headlines, Windpower Monthly has set up a live blog to bring you the latest on how the pandemic is impacting the sector. Here are five key developments from the last week.

Global wind installations up 19% in 2019

Global wind power installations increased by almost a fifth to 60.4GW in 2019 -- the second-highest annual total on record.

Russia should 'achieve grid parity by 2035', trade body says

The current situation in the Russian wind power industry remains stable, despite a growing threat of a recession in the national economy and the ongoing spread of the COVID-19 virus.

WindEurope puts more pressure on EC over climate law

The industry trade body called on the European Union to go further than its net-zero emissions by 2050 pledge by committing to a 100% renewable energy target.