Windpower Monthly rating 3/5

Our rating is based on a combination of project pipeline, political and policy support, investor confidence and structural readiness of the country in terms of grid infrastructure, permitting process and local supply chain.

Forecast of installed and operating wind power capacity based on the latest statisitics and measured against the Windpower Intelligence database.

The political climate is sensitive as a lot of the political parties argue towards alternative financing, and generally a reduction of the subsidy scheme. In 2017, the Danish government laid out plans to support new renewable energy in technology-neutral auctions in 2018 and 2019.

Currently a high level of activity in development of offshore wind power. However, the onshore market for development of wind power is slowing down.

Generally high level of preparedness for deployment of more wind power as grid infrastructure has been continuously developed. Large amounts of interconnectivity with surrounding countries.

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Snapshot: Vestas 4.2MW V150 prototype now supplying power

Snapshot: Vestas 4.2MW V150 prototype now supplying power

Vestas has rounded off its 4MW onshore platform range, first revealed in June 2017, with the installation of the low-wind V150-4.2MW protoype at the Østerild test site in Denmark.

Exclusive: The inside story of Vestas' ground-breaking new platform

Exclusive: The inside story of Vestas' ground-breaking new platform

Vestas' new onshore platform, christened EnVentus, propels medium-speed geared drivetrain technology and modular design into the mainstream market, setting new standards for power rating and rotor size at 5.6MW and 162 metres.

Pioneer tackles next wave of wind challenges

Pioneer tackles next wave of wind challenges

DENMARK: Since retiring as Siemens' chief technology officer in 2014, Henrik Stiesdal has devoted much of his time to working on floating offshore wind and energy storage. He talks about his new ideas and the challenges of scaling turbines towards 12-15MW and beyond by 2023-24.

WindEconomics: Assessing long-term energy yields

WindEconomics: Assessing long-term energy yields

DENMARK: The generation-cost projections reported in this column rely on estimates of the energy production of the wind turbines over the life of the plant by the developer.

Leaving town

Leaving town

BELGIUM: Kriegers Flak illustrates the international nature of the offshore wind sector. Foundations made in Belgium are towed by a Cyprus-registered vessel to Denmark, where they will be part of a wind farm using German-Spanish turbines and an interconnector with Germany.

Latest Denmark News

Vestas bolsters hybrid offering with Sowitec stake

Vestas will acquire a minority stake in German wind and solar PV developer Sowitec in an attempt to improve its offering of hybrid power plants and in "strategic markets" in Latin America.

Vestas to supply Denmark's first subsidy-free wind farm

Vestas will provide four turbines for Denmark's first subsidy-free wind farm.

Vestas unveils drone technology partnership to aid blade installation

Vestas has launched a research project with local supplier Hvide Sande Shipyard to look develop a new product using drone technology to support blade installation.

Vestas installs first V150-4.2MW turbine

Vestas has installed the first V150-4.2MW turbine at its test site in Østerild, Denmark, the manufacturer has confirmed.

Vestas net profit down 25% in 'competitive' market

Vestas recorded an increase in revenues for 2018, but its net profit was down year-on-year, reflecting how highly competitive wind power market has become, the Danish manufacturer stated.

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