Contract risk management in offshore wind construction 2014

Contract Risk Management Offshore Wind Construction 2014

Day 2: Wednesday, 12 February

Delegate Sign-In And Morning Refreshments


Chair’s Opening Remarks

Chris Kidd, Partner, Ince & Co


Defining Your Risk Model To Take Account Of Weather Risk

  • How to manage the knock-on effect of variations in seasons and  weather: the critical path
  • How weather risks are defined and allocated in contract negotiations
  • Defining the operating parameters of weather risk

Michael Bullock, Director , Renewable Risk Advisors


Managing Your Supply Chain Risk In Long-Term Contract Periods

  • Exploring the necessity for a collaborative approach to project execution for better understanding of risk by contractors
  • How to promote the required cooperation in your supply chain to reduce costs and minimise contingencies in the risk profile
  • A proven approach and the lessons learned in regards to pro-actively managing risks at Tier 1 and 2 of your contractors

Alexander von Massenbach, Project Manager Logistics Excellence Vattenfall


Networking Break And Morning Refreshments


Addressing The Technical Challenges Of Subsea Contracting

  • Advantages and disadvantages in contract alliancing
  • Contractual approach to technical risks
  • Contracting with a subsea installation/trenching contractor
  • Escalation of a dispute
  • Alignment of goals

Marco Scura, Executive Management Advisor


Project Finance From A Contractor Perspective

  • Impact of external financing on offshore (sub)contracts and risk allocation
  • What are the risks for a contractor of having a finance vehicle as its employer?
  • Different tenders, one external financing: will bankability always lead to overall value for money?
  • Direct agreements as the contractor's only contractual link with financiers
  • Advantages and disadvantages in contract alliancing

Wouter Van Den Berg, Legal Counsel, Ballast Nedam


Understanding Seabed Risk As A Technical Rather Than Legal Challenge

  • Assessing seabed risk from an engineering perspective in order to allocate risk through technical evaluation rather than legal negotiation
  • Should jack-up barge operators cover all or a portion of the seabed risk?
  • How can this be managed through the contract interface?

Adam Ezzamel, Foundations Package Manager, Vattenfall


Networking Lunch


Round Table Discussion:
Project Finance And Long-Term Project Outlook

Tailor your Windpower Monthly experience and gain practical insight into market challenges - choose two of our specialist breakout sessions:

  • Assessing the impact of project financing requirements on project execution 
    Clément Weber, Co-founder, Green Giraffe Energy Bankers

  • To what extent does your contract type reduce the need for contingencies in the case of variable risks? 
    Stephen Ward, Head of Project Management, AREVA UK  

  • How do we plan for decommissioning in the future? 
    Adam Ezzamel, Foundations Package Manager, Vattenfall 

  • Is it plausible to build incentive and bonus structures into your contract? 
    Robin Banning, Senior Commercial Manager, Areva

  • Will the use of alliancing mechanisms make offshore wind projects more bankable?
    Matthew Bleasdale, Director, OWLC 

  • Which Supply Chain risks are projects most exposed to and what procurement and contracting strategies can mitigate these?
    Michael Bullock, Director, Renewable Risk Advisors 
  • Hot topic: to be announced
    Thomas Arensbach, Head of Offshore Projects - UK,  Siemens
  • How best to maximise your profitability during the construction phase 
    Victoria Hawkins, Principal, Trajan International


Networking Break And Afternoon Refreshments


Assessing Best Practice For Incorporating Your Vessel Contract Into Your Project Plan

  • What is the best strategy for supply chain management of vessels?
  • Do EPC contracts include vessels? What are the alternatives?
  • Who is best placed to absorb the risk associated with vessel uncertainty for future projects?
  • What portion of risk are vessel owners prepared to take?

Mikko Simula, Senior Commercial Manager, Gwynt y Môr Offshore Wind Farm Limited


Chair’s Closing Remarks And End Of Forum