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Covid-19 update: WindEnergy Hamburg goes digital

How the global coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is impacting the industry's 2020 goals.

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Aerial view of cloud-shrouded wind farm on February 24, 2023 in Yichang, Hubei Province, China. The IEA said 55% of all renewable energy additions in 2023 are expected to come in China (pic credit: Visual China Group / Getty Images)

China to lead renewable energy installations in record year for onshore wind - IEA

New additions of wind, solar, and other renewables are expected to jump by a third, according to a new report published by the International Energy Agency (IEA) that suggests the green transition is accelerating.

Indigenous communities are protesting construction of the Windpeshi wind farm in La Guajira, Colombia (pic credit: Nacion Wayuu)

Enel mulls future of controversial wind farm as indigenous protests continue

Enel is evaluating options for a large wind farm in north-east Colombia as prolonged protests by local indigenous communities continue to hamstring construction.

Manufacturing capacity, available vessels and shortages of key commodities all threaten the green transition (Image credits: Vestas/Getty Images)

Critical risks to European wind supply chain threaten to derail green transition

A multitude of risks now bearing down on the wind industry's supply chain in Europe could derail climate targets by stalling the expansion of wind energy, according to a new report.

China is expected to return to rapid wind power growth this year (pic credit: Xiaoke Chen/Getty Images)

Global wind to accelerate beyond 1TW milestone this year

Global wind capacity will reach 1TW this year and will double within eight years, according to research from consultancy Wood Mackenzie.

GWEC expects 630GW of wind capacity to be installed in the next five years – though supply chain bottlenecks threaten this growth (pic credit: onegarden/Getty Images)

Supply chain bottlenecks threaten to choke off record wind energy growth – GWEC

Industry bottlenecks threaten record growth in wind energy in the coming years, according to a new report by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC).

Xinjiang Rare Metals National Mine Park in China (pic credit: CHAO-FENG LIN / Getty Images)

Leak: EU targets permanent magnet recycling for wind turbines

The European Commission aims to mandate greater efforts to recycle permanent magnets and the critical rare earth metals found inside them, according to a leaked draft law.

Bert Nordberg (left) due to stand down as Vestas’ chair next month. He is due to be replaced by Anders Runevad (right)

Former Vestas CEO to take over as chair

Vestas chair Bert Nordberg plans to stand down at the company’s annual general meeting (AGM) next month and is expected to be replaced by former CEO Anders Runevad.

Biden's biggest challenge for the wind roll out could be misinformation, argues Shahid Mahdi (Image credit: Shahid Mahdi and Getty)

US whale deaths illustrate how wind’s biggest challenge is misinformation

The past few months have been monumental for offshore wind development in the US but creeping misinformation threatens to derail it.

Record energy generation from wind power helped limit a rise in fossil fuels last year (pic credit: Manuel Compaan/Getty Images)

Record renewables growth limits 2022 carbon emissions – IEA

Record growth in wind and solar power helped drastically limit a global rise in carbon emissions last year, according to a new report released by the International Energy Agency (IEA).

An artist's impression of what Belgium's North Sea energy island might look like

‘World’s first’ energy island takes shape as tender winners revealed

Belgian utility Elia has picked marine engineering firm Deme Group and offshore contractor Jan De Nul to build an offshore energy island to connect wind farms to North Sea power markets.

Nordex – and the wider wind power industry – has been hit by inflation of raw material and transportation costs, higher interest rates, and persistent supply chain disruptions

Nordex eyes €375m Acciona boost to ease inflation pressures

Spanish energy firm Acciona plans to boost its stake in the German turbine maker by taking over €346 million of Nordex’s debt in exchange for company shares. It is also due to buy new shares worth €29 million.

Jürgen Zeschky: "We need this ‘whatever it takes’ moment to speed up the permitting and realisation process for onshore wind.”

Enercon CEO Jürgen Zeschky discusses the hurdles facing the wind industry

After a year at the helm of Enercon, the company's CEO, Jürgen Zeschky, talks to Eize de Vries about wind power’s role to help Europe achieve energy independence, hurdles facing the industry and what more politicians should do.

Enough raw materials including steel (above) exist to meet demand by the wind industry in the coming decades, the report claims (pic credit: Metalloinvest)

'Enough raw materials for global energy transition' – report

There are sufficient rare earth elements and raw materials to meet future global energy demands with renewables, though recovery and production of these materials will need to increase, according to a new report.

Images: Getty Images, Vestas, GE, Siemens Gamesa, Goldwind

2022: Windpower Monthly's review of the year

Windpower Monthly's editorial team is now on leave for the Christmas break. We will be back on 3 January, but in the meantime, read our review of the year and a selection of our features and analysis from 2022.

Turbine makers were hit hard by supply chain disruptions and inflation in 2022 (pic credit: GE and Siemens Gamesa)

2022: Pivotal business developments in wind

Windpower Monthly rounds up a selection of the most important business developments in 2022.

Turbine installer Windhoist enters administration

Enel will focus renewables activities in key markets in the Americas, along with Italy and Spain, but exit some countries (pic credit: Enel Green Power)

Enel refocuses on core countries as it gears up for 21GW renewable boost

Italian utility Enel said it would exit Romania, Peru and Argentina and refocus its business on six core markets as it aims to roll out 21GW of new renewable capacity over the next three years.

CEO Jochen Eickholt believes Siemens Gamesa’s 2023 fiscal year will be similarly marked by cost inflation, supply chain disruptions and geopolitical risks

Siemens Gamesa records huge net loss for full-year results

Siemens Gamesa reported a net loss of €940 million for its 2022 fiscal year (1 October 2021-30 September 2022) and faces a 'transition year' ahead, but CEO Jochen Eickholt said the firm is on course for profitable growth.

Nordex CEO José Luis Blanco said the firm's N163/5.X sold especially well in Europe and Latin America (pic credit: Klaas Eissens)

Nordex turbine orders fall amid ‘significant’ Q3 price hike

Nordex reported a “significant increase” in the average selling price of its wind turbines in the third quarter of 2022 as the sector battles headwinds from supply chain disruptions and the inflated costs of raw materials and transportation.

DNV expects an eight-fold increase in global wind powe capacity by 2050 (pic credit: Goldwind)

Wind’s cost-competitiveness to outweigh short-term inflation – DNV

Inflationary pressures and supply chain disruptions pose short-term challenges to renewables growth, according to a new report – but these factors will not derail the rapid expansion of wind and solar as the world aims for net zero emissions by 2050.

Suzlon was founded in 1995 and grew to become a global force in the wind industry, expanding beyond India

Suzlon appoints new managing director after founder’s death

Indian turbine maker Suzlon has appointed three members of recently deceased managing director Tulsi Tanti’s family as board members.

Tulsi Tanti founded wind turbine maker Suzlon in 1995 and drove it to become a global force in the wind industry

Founder of Indian wind giant Suzlon Tulsi Tanti dies

The global wind industry and Indian prime minister Narendra Modi have paid tribute to Suzlon founder and chairman, Tulsi Tanti, who died at the weekend.

Colombia delays key wind transmission line

China alone accounted for 47% of all wind built in 2021 (pic credit: Goldwind)

Wind and solar reach global milestone – but coal concerns continue

Wind and solar accounted for more than 10% of global electricity production for the first time last year – but electricity demand, coal production and carbon emissions all surged year on year, according to new analysis.

Ørsted's Hornsea Project Two is located 89km off the Yorkshire coast in the UK North Sea

Ørsted’s Hornsea 2 becomes world’s largest operational wind farm

Ørsted has begun full operations at its Hornsea Project Two wind farm, 89km off the Yorkshire coast in the UK North Sea.