Contract Risk Management In Offshore Wind Construction

Contract Risk Management in Offshore Wind

CRM Europe - Day 2 - Wednesday 1 October 2014

Registration And Morning Refreshments


Chair’s Opening Remarks

Henrik K. Søndergaard, Senior Project Manager, Siemens Wind Power Offshore

Ensuring Access to Compensation Funds For Loss Of Revenue From Grid Connection Delays

  • Interpreting the 2013 entitlement regulations to avoid delays caused by ambiguity
  • How to demonstrate correct compliance with regulatory requirements and avoid liability for grid connection delays
  • Ensuring transparency in negotiations between developers and grid operators to demonstrate clear legal processes
Alexander Kruse, Managing Director, Carneades GmbH & Co. KG

Case Study: The Compensation - A Practical Review Of The "Leitfaden"

Dr Martin Brölsch, Commercial Project Director,  Vattenfall

Grid Connections For Offshore Wind Farms - Experiences Of A TSO

  • What is the current status of offshore grid connection projects in the German North Sea?
  • What are the reasons for grid connection project delays?
  • How can the risk of project delays be mitigated?
  • What are the requirements to receive compensation payments?

Dr. Markus Glatfeld, Managing Director, TenneT Offshore GmbH

Networking Break And Morning Refreshments


What Direction Do Current Standards For Offshore Wind Need To Move Towards?

  • What is the influence of the different European Systems on your contracting strategy?
  • Exploring the benefits of adapting standard form contracts to offshore wind: FIDIC, LOGIC, NEC, BIMCO, SUPPLY TIME
  • How are standard form construction contracts adapted?
  • How your contract base affects the practical and operational elements of your project?
Maarten de Keijzer, Founder and Director, OutSmart GmbH

Round Table Discussions

Select a break-out discussion group of your choice, hosted by a subject expert. Key points from each discussion will be shared with the room at the end of the session.

  • Determining Developmental Risk For Offshore Projects: Facilitated by Marteen de Keijzer
  • Interpretation Of Subsoil Analysis: What Are The Risks To The Project?: Facilitated by Kurt Thomsen, Global Head of Sales, CWind
  • Reducing The Need For Contingencies Through Contract Type And Strategy: Facilitated by Alexander Kruse, Managing Director, CARNEADES GmbH & Co. KG
  • Will The Use Of Alliancing Mechanisms Make Offshore Wind Projects More Bankable?: Facilitated by Dr Martin Brolsch, Commercial Project Director, Vattenfall

Networking Lunch


Direct Risk Assessment Of AEP, PPA, CAPEX And OPEX To CoE, IRR And NPV

  • Collecting a group of assessment participants with different view points
  • Making a three point assessment of AEP, PPA, CAPEX and OPEX
  • Analysis of how this directly influences the uncertainty of CoE, IRR and NPV
  • Adding new questions to the project, identifying unknowns
Henrik K. Søndergaard, Senior Project Manager, Siemens Wind Power Offshore

EPC Contracts: Will They Be The Best Model for Future Offshore Wind Projects?

  • What is holding the industry back from adopting the turnkey contractor model?
  • Is there enough of a margin in the industry for EPC to take a slice? What tariffs would the industry need in order to make this viable?
  • What effect would an EPC model have on the successful financing of projects?
  • How much supply chain activity can be brought in-house by EPC Contractors to reduce contractual interface gaps?

Frank Janse, Project Manager, Green Giraffe Energy Bankers


Panel Discussion: Introducing Greater Flexibility In Contracts To Reduce The Risk Of Delays

  • What are the major reasons for project delays?
  • Interface risk: how much of this can be accounted for by high penalty charges?
  • Can a different contract strategy bring down project risks and costs? If so, what will this look like?
  • Sharing risk along the supply chain to reduce unnecessary penalty costs
Panellists include:
Kurt Thomsen, Global Head of Sales, C-Wind
Bernard van Hemert, Technical Project Manager, Gemini Offshore Windfarm

Chair’s Closing Remarks

Henrik K. Søndergaard, Senior Project Manager, Siemens Wind Power Offshore


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