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Our rating is based on a combination of project pipeline, political and policy support, investor confidence and structural readiness of the country in terms of grid infrastructure, permitting process and local supply chain.

Forecast of installed and operating wind power capacity based on the latest statisitics and measured against the Windpower Intelligence database.

Wind energy policy lies in the hands of individual provinces rather than the federal government, but the country’s wealth of fossil-fuel and hydro resources leaves little room for wind power development.

Ontario has led the way in the recent past and now has 5GW of operating wind capacity, but one of the first actions of the right-wing government elected in June 2018 was to cancel wind projects currently under development.

Confidence is higher in Alberta where the provincial administration has set a target to triple renewables’ share of electricity generation. Tenders in late 2017 resulted in highly cost-competitive winning bids at an average of C$37/MWh ($29/MWh).

Quebec has also committed to reducing its fossil-fuel dependency and to grow its renewables capacity. Developers in this province, which has excellent wind resources, are increasingly looking to export wind-generated electricity to states in the north-east of the US.

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Market Status: Canada - Strong growth now but outlook less rosy

Market Status: Canada - Strong growth now but outlook less rosy

CANADA At least 1.5GW in new wind energy capacity in 2015, with the build-out of a backlog of contracted projects in Ontario and Quebec taking it past the 11GW mark by the end of the year.

Remote mines add wind

Remote mines add wind

WORLDWIDE: More mining companies are recognising the benefits of using wind power in remote locations to cut diesel fuel bills and ensure secure supply.

Canada moves up to sixth place in global rankings

Canada moves up to sixth place in global rankings

CANADA: Having installed more than 700MW by September, and expected to more than double that by the end of 2014, Canada has overtaken France and Italy for installed capacity.

Canada looks to US for wind growth

Canada looks to US for wind growth

CANADA: As the US seeks to limit carbon emissions, Canada's combination of wind and hydro power could enable it to supply clean electricity to the north-east states. But Canada's fragmented energy markets need to work closer together to take advantage of the opportunity.

Policy and market setup stall growth potential in Alberta

Policy and market setup stall growth potential in Alberta

CANADA: With its growing electricity demand, good resources and ageing coal-plant fleet, Alberta is ideally placed to become Canada's next big wind market. But a lack of long-term contracts and political support means developers and investors are holding off

Latest Canada news

PPA hunt for 'Canada's largest wind farm'

Berkshire Hathaway Energy Canada (BHE Canada) and RES have launched a search for partners to buy power from what could be Canada's largest onshore wind farm, testing how wind can compete without subsidy in Alberta.

Goldwind to supply first Canadian site

Goldwind has entered the Canadian wind market with an order to provide 50 turbines for a project in Saskatchewan that its developer claims will provide power at a "world record low price".

Wake steering 'boosts output by nearly half' in new study

Actively turning a turbine away from the prevailing wind stream helped reduce variability and increase power output from six turbines by nearly half, according to new research.

'Wind can compete in merchant Alberta', CanWEA claims

Wind power has a future under an Albertan government committed to ending the province's renewable energy auctions, the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) believes.

Conservatives against 'uneconomic wind' win in Alberta

The United Conservative Party has been elected to office in Alberta, pledging not to proceed with the province's fourth auction round for renewables.

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