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Our rating is based on a combination of project pipeline, political and policy support, investor confidence and structural readiness of the country in terms of grid infrastructure, permitting process and local supply chain.

Forecast of installed and operating wind power capacity based on the latest statisitics and measured against the Windpower Intelligence database.

Almost 45% of Brazil’s primary energy demand is met by renewable energy, according to the IEA, though dominated by hydro.

Regular power auctions, with long lead times provide route to markets for wind projects, although these were cancelled during the period of economic and political instability in 2015 and 2016.

Two auctions were held in 2017, with more planned in 2018 and beyond.

Roughly 2GW of wind power each year is to be procured, supporting the country’s supply chain which has been built over a number of years thanks to high local content requirements for projects, GWEC stated.

Support from the Brazilian national development bank (BNDES) continues, and will remain vital while investors regain confidence in South America’s largest wind market.

At times in 2017, wind provided 10-11% of Brazil’s demand, this figure was higher in the windy northeastern regions, where share rose to 60%.

The government is targeting 28.5GW capacity by 2026.


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Brazil prepares for servicing boom

Brazil prepares for servicing boom

BRAZIL: With the decade-old wind industry still expanding in Brazil, the operations and maintenance business is expected to grow from $157 million to $500 million in the next five years

Market Status: Brazil - Records set but end of honeymoon in sight

Market Status: Brazil - Records set but end of honeymoon in sight

BRAZIL Brazil's wind power industry is set for another stellar year in 2015, with installed capacity set to grow by two thirds to almost 10GW.

UK training college will address skills shortfall

UK training college will address skills shortfall

UK: The precise location has yet to be chosen and details of the courses that will be offered remain sketchy, but the UK's first national college for wind energy is scheduled to open its doors to students in autumn 2016.

Latin America surges from potential to power

Latin America surges from potential to power

LATIN AMERICA: Favourable wind resources and government policy have driven exponential expansion in the Latin American wind market. Predictions that by 2020 capacity will have grown fivefold are making the region a safe haven for beleaguered US and European manufacturers.

Do PPAs still offer the best deal for wind?

Do PPAs still offer the best deal for wind?

WORLDWIDE: Signing a power purchase agreement used to be the best way to secure finance for wind projects across the globe, but in today's uncertain climate their long duration and fixed costs can damage suppliers' credit ratings.

Latest BraziL news

WEG buys NPS storage business

Brazilian manufacturer WEG has acquired the energy storage business of US firm Northern Power Systems, two years after buying its wind turbine unit.

Vestas to build 4.2MW nacelles in Brazil

BRAZIL: Vestas has signed a framework agreement to produce nacelles for its V150-4.2MW turbines in the state of CearĂ¡.

Equinor and Petrobras sign Brazilian offshore MoU

BRAZIL: State-owned oil majors Equinor and Petrobras have signed a three-year memorandum of understanding (MoU) to develop the country's offshore wind sector.

Vestas receives first Brazilian order for V150

BRAZIL: Vestas will provide its V150-4.2MW model in Brazil for the first time, following an order for a 101MW wind farm in the north-eastern state of Rio Grande do Norte.

Prices increase in Brazil tender

BRAZIL: Wind projects took a third of the capacity awarded and prices increased in the country's latest auction, the energy regulator has announced.

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