As the North American wind industry prepares for the challenges of dealing with increasingly ageing fleets, the focus has shifted to optimising and prolonging blade lifespan to ensure maximum output efficiency.

Developments in innovation and new technologies have shown that the industry needs to become operationally proactive rather than reactive to ensure cost efficiency and maximum revenue.

The Blade O&M USA 2018 conference will explore the US wind industry and focus on where it needs to be - from understanding new site locations, to utilising the latest tools and technology to ensure you can accurately predict and prepare for blade damage cost-effectively.

Veronica Barner of GE Renewable Energy, who was in attendance at last year’s Blade O&M USA Forum, is passionate about tipping the balance for diversity within the wind industry:

"The Blade O&M forum in Dallas, Texas was such a remarkable experience last year. The forum was chock-full of exciting energy, engaging speakers and compelling roundtable discussions.

"Everywhere I looked, knowledge was being shared from simple blade O&M best practices to advanced, ground-breaking technologies happening in the industry.

"I met so many wonderful professionals from the industry — folks with tons of knowledge, experience and passion for all that renewable energy has to offer, particularly in blade technology.

"I left with a new level of excitement for the industry I work in, but I also left feeling like something was missing: gender diversity.”

"While the event was a wonderful experience that made me feel re-energised and empowered to drive key blade initiatives at GE, it also made me feel a sense of duty to help balance the gender diversity equation in this industry.

"I have and continue to feel fortunate that at GE, we have both men and women in leadership roles. All of whom are brilliant and passionate about driving diversity in our business.

"Our leadership supports and encourages female leaders like myself to explore the fascinating world of renewable energy, connect with other professionals and learn about interesting topics.

"Today, GE would like to encourage other female leaders in the industry to do the same by covering part of your registration cost to attend the Blade O&M forum in Dallas this year.

"I hope to see you, and more women like yourself, at this great event.”

If you would like to join GE, and wind industry representatives such as Veronica then please click the button below to register your application for the Blade O&M USA Forum 2018.