Blade Manufacturing And Composites - Wind Power Monthly Conference

Blade Manufacturing And Composites - Wind Power Conference

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Blade Dynamics

Blade Dynamics

The company designs, develops and builds blades using unique seamless modular technology. Key benefits are significant improvements in quality, performance and transportability. The technology enables the blades that are necessary for the needs of the modern wind energy business both onshore and offshore, and will significantly reduce the cost of energy from wind.
The delivery of wind energy that is more cost-effective than fossil fuel requires industrial production of turbines with rotors that improve performance and reliability, whilst reducing costs. Blade Dynamics' proprietary technologies and designs have been developed specifically to meet this need.
The first large-scale prototype blade based on this new structural paradigm was statically tested in 2009 and the first full scale blade was finished in 2010. The first serial blade, the D49, was GL tested and certified in 2012.
The technology enabling these blades has multiple patent applications and several granted patents.
The business has facilities at the NASA Michoud Assembly Facility in Louisiana, and in the south of England.
In 2013, the company was awarded a large contract by the Energy Technology Institute to develop and prototype the next generation of offshore wind turbine blades for larger, higher performance turbines.
The Blade Dynamics technical team is highly experienced, with an extensive knowledge of material science, composite engineering, blade technology, manufacturing processes and the wind energy market.



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Every product is a promise to live up to and surpass expectations. By simulating early and often with ANSYS software, our customers become faster, more cost-effective and more innovative, realizing their own product promises.


This event provides a fantastic opportunity to speak to a very focused group about the design solutions or materials technology you provide to improve the composition of blades, which means that every delegate is a potential client.

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