Blade Manufacturing And Composites - Wind Power Monthly Conference

Blade Manufacturing And Composites - Wind Power Conference

Blade Manufacturing And Composites Forum - Tuesday 12 May

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Welcome Address 

William Kendrick, Publisher, Windpower Monthly 


Chair's Opening Comments

Andrew Bellamy, Project Director - 8MW Rotor, AREVA


The Global Evolution Of Composite Wind Blades

  • Reflecting on European and global trends in design and selection of materials for wind blade composites – how far have they come?
  • Historic and future trends in materials and technology – where will the composites manufacturing industry go next?
  • The evolving wind industry’s influence on selection of high performance materials

Andrew Bellamy, Project Director - 8MW Rotor, AREVA


Innovative Composite Wind Blade Design Solutions

  • Analysing key composites strategies and current production methods
  • Composite material vs. design: which comes first?
  • Determining the optimum material for large onshore blades - what are the criteria?
  • Carbon fibre reinforcements for blades – advantages and challenges
  • Analysing the relationship between materials research and blade design tests

Christian Vogl, Project Manager Rotor Blades, Nordex


Panel Discussion: Designing For Manufacturing

  • Designing the composite material: using smart materials
  • Bringing down the cost of blades: carbon fibre vs glass fibre
  • Cost vs performance
  • Developing composite blades that will withstand operational requirements and last the life-cycle of wind farms
  • Assessing the range of manufacturing processes and variants
  • Encouraging investment and innovation in the production process
  • Blade failures and strategies for mitigating risk in processing

Panellists Include:

John Rimmer, Director of Materials and Process (Blades), VESTAS Wind Systems UK

Kirsten Dyer, Research Materials Engineer, ORE Catapult

Povl Brøndsted, Research Specialist - Composites and Materials, DTU Wind Energy


Networking Break And Morning Refreshments


Funding Mechanisms For Advanced Composites R&D

  • The European framework – EC Horizon 2020 and UK TSB funding programmes
  • How to access R&D grant funding – the application and negotiation process
  • What other commercial sources are available and how to attract key stakeholders

Ajay Kapadia, Knowledge Transfer Manager – Advanced Composites, Knowledge Transfer Network


Advanced Design And Analysis Software Tools

  • Streamlined end-to end process for moving from conceptual design to manufacturing
  • Design based simulation of the manufacturing process
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Using software to enhance engineering methodologies
  • Balancing aerodynamic performance with structural integrity
  • Creating a flexible design environment to create innovative, durable and lightweight blades

Hans Dekker, Software Scientist – Wind Turbine Materials and Constructions, Knowledge Centre WMC


Simulation In Wind Blade Design And Operation

  • Structural considerations in composite wind blade design 
  • Aerodynamic optimization in wind blade design 
  • Effect of terrain and array configuration on blade performance
John Lin, FEA Engineer, Ansys

Automated Wind Blade Development From Root To Tip

  • Choosing the appropriate target structure for automation
  • Partnering with material suppliers, end users and OEM’s
  • Analysing the technical and economic results
  • Ensuring risk-free performance in dealing with complicated design shapes

To join this session please contact Heather Smith at +44 (0) 20 8267 4785


Networking Lunch


Technology Developments And Multi-Part Vs Single Piece

  • Analysing the technical challenges of blade technology developments
  • Vessel costs in transporting large single piece blades vs. installation work in constructing multi-piece blades onsite
  • Assessing the maintenance costs involved in deciding which design
  • Making modular blades as a solution to transport issues
  • Advanced rotor and split-blade technology in large offshore turbines
Theo Botha, Head Of Sales And Marketing, Blade Dynamics

Blade Testing And Certification

  • The position and disparity of certification bodies - what testing is involved and what are the possibilities for standardisation?

  • Structural health monitoring and the separate testing of critical design details

  • What are the limits of what can be tested?

  • Should test cycles be extended and how can you accelerate testing on large loads?

Dr. Arnoldus van Wingerde, Business Leader Research, IWES Fraunhofer Test Facility


Driving Down The CoE Through Latest Advancement On LE Protection For Rotor Blades

  • A joint industry approach: Blade Leading Edge Erosion Programme (BLEEP)
  • Representative testing for blade leading edge protection solutions
  • Latest advancement on LE protection for rotor blades - a manufacturing and repair perspective
  • How to reduce the LCoE through the analysis of different LEP erosion methods
  • LEP in severe environments and offshore wind sites

Andrew Kay, Renewable Technology Engineer, ORE Catapult

Gian-Piero Giuffre, Materials And Process Engineer, Alstom Renewables


Case Study: Parallels From The Aerospace Industry

  • How transferrable is the expertise derived from the aerospace industry to the wind turbines?
  • Assessing the similarities in design methodologies
  • What differences does the wind industry pose in terms of size, material types, layup processes and design
  • Finding the right partners to help develop new processes and tools for composites
  • Borrowing best practices and ensuring cross-industry collaboration, to help with the challenges of wind blade design

Chris Payne, Technology Programme Manager, National Composites Centre


Networking Break And Afternoon Refreshments


Going Green: Recyclable Epoxies For Sustainable Composites

  • Green resin formulations: affects on performance

  • An integrated approach to the system of complex materials

  • Different types of recyclable composites on the market – price and manufacturing considerations

Xin Li, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Adesso Advanced Materials

Composite Blades Of The Future

  • Understanding the nature of turbulent wind: capturing energy while avoiding fatigue
  • What leanness and agility look like in rotor design: doing more with less
  • Developing the analytical tools needed to model, understand and master lean and agile behaviour
  • Establishing energy accounting into everyday thinking: setting and achieving high energy payback ratio targets
  • Innovative platform technologies: lean, agile and sustainable rhythm-and-flow manufacturing processes
  • Doing it all with seriously high-tech sustainable natural materials

Jim Platts, Institute for Manufacturing Lecturer, Cambridge University


Panel Discussion: Producing Quality Blades - Engineering Leaps Vs Developer Requirements

  • Cutting-edge composite blade design solutions: enhancing engineering methodologies
  • Balancing advanced blade design with reliable production processes 
  • Dealing with design, stress and manufacturing engineering
  • Cost-reduction and reliability throughout entire life-cycle of rotor blades - meeting developer requirements
  • Strategic, practical and conceptual leaps: what is possible?

Edgar Suselbeek, Lead Project Manager, Pontis Engineering

Mark Hancock, Engineering Specialist, Blade Dynamics

Practical Insights: Developer Perspective

[An Interactive Session in which the audience will be encouraged to highlight developer requirements and expectations, through experiences to date. Please submit questions to the event producer - - prior to the event]


Chair's Closing Remarks


Close Of Forum

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