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Forecast of installed and operating wind power capacity based on the latest statisitics and measured against the Windpower Intelligence database.

With the Green Electricity Act 2012 (Ökostromgesetz 2012) the Austrian legislator has, in principle, created an ambitious framework with an political aim of plus 2,000MW wind energy installed until 2020 with subsidies of €50 million, of which €11.5 million per annum is dedicated to wind energy.

Reductions in the feed-in-tariff, from €89.5/MWh in 2017, to €82.0/MWh in 2018, and €81.2/MWh in 2019 have limited growth. In this market, investor confidence is largely a function of subsidies available. Demand is far higher than the dedicated annual budget and the first-come, first-served principle that applies means many wind power projects are on the waiting list, with a prospect of waiting several years (or even no realistic chance of realisation under the current regime).

Several provinces have issued zoning plans for wind energy restricting construction of wind farms to certain areas means the expansion potential in certain provinces is limited. An ECJ judgment will also make the permitting process for wind parks below EIA thresholds more cumbersome. Grid access costs, to be borne by the producer, have steadily increased.

Austria In-Depth

Market Status: Austria - Reserve capacity rule slows development

Market Status: Austria - Reserve capacity rule slows development

Austria: Around 390MW of new capacity is due to be installed in land-locked Austria in 2015, slightly less than the 411MW commissioned in 2014, but a clear improvement on the 296MW of 2012 and 308MW of 2013. Austria's total wind fleet now stands at 2,095MW.

Austria - Country set for third year of growth

AUSTRIA: Record wind-power installations are due in Austria this year with about 380MW likely to be commissioned from an investment of EUR 630 million.

Austria - Bumper wind years defy European slump

AUSTRIA: Austria's wind market is looking rosier following improved support for renewable energy rubberstamped last year.

Europe 2020 targets - Austria

AUSTRIA: IG Windkraft, Austria's wind energy association is adamant that the country's renewable energy targets of reaching 2.58GW by 2020, compared with just over 1GW at the end of 2010, cannot be achieved within the framework of the current Eco-Electricity Act. "The law contains arrangements that limit and hinder developments. An improvement to the act is urgently needed," says Stefan Moidl, managing director of the association. Encouragingly, he adds, constructive talks are underway with officials at the ministries for environment, economy and energy

Market Status: Austria - Stalled wind sector looks forward to brighter year

AUSTRIA: The outlook for Austria in 2011 is considerably brighter than last year, with 120MW likely to come online, according to the Austrian wind association, IG Windkraft.

Latest Austria News

Plans unveiled for €1bn transmission expansion in Austria

Austrian network operator APG will invest more than €1 billion in three major transmission projects designed to help integrate wind capacity in the country.

Enercon suppliers to close

GERMANY: A fall in turbine orders has forced Enercon to schedule closure of component suppliers in Germany and Austria.

Austria struggling for growth

AUSTRIA: Austria's wind sector is struggling to maintain growth as it faces an 8.4% reduction in the feed-in tariff rate, from €0.0895/kWh in 2017 to €0.082/kWh in 2018.

Vestas to repower high-altitude project

AUSTRIA: Danish manufacturer Vestas has been awarded the contract to repower a 22.75MW project located 1,900 metres above sea level in the mountains of east Austria.

Enercon sheds jobs in Austria

AUSTRIA: Enercon is shedding 63 employees and 70 temporary workers in the installation division of its Austrian subsidiary.

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