Enercon wins 33MW Taiwan contract

TAIWAN: German turbine builder Enercon has won a new order from Taiwan Power Company for three wind projects in Taiwan.

Enercon's E70 2.3MW turbine will be used in the project

According to Enercon's in-house magazine Windblatt, the company installing six 900kW turbines and 12 2.3MW turbines with partner Chung-Hsin Electric & Machinery Manufacturing Corporation.

The 900kW machines are being constructed on Penghu Island. Of the 2.3MW turbines, two are being installed at the Datan power station site, and the other ten are set for at Wei-Kong, south of Taichung.

The towers are supplied by China Steel Machinery Corporation. Enercon's partner for cranes and logistics is the company Giant from Taipeh.  

Enercon has installed over 100 turbines on Taiwan, mainly for five projects developed by German company Infravest.  However in 2009, it also completed an 11.5MW project using five 2.3MW machines for major steel company Tung-Ho Steel Enterprise Corporation.