A view from above

Eye of the wind: A 1.5 MW direct drive turbine from Italian turbine manufacturer Leitwind has been installed at Grouse Mountain in Vancouver, Canada.

A Leitwind 1.5MW direct drive turbine at Grouse Mountain, Vancouver, Canada

Complete with an observation deck for up to 36 people, the LTW 77 turbine tower, the Eye of the Wind, affords sweeping views of downtown Vancouver and the mountains to the north. Grouse Mountain Resorts, which owns the turbine, expects to meet about 25% of its electricity needs from the machine. The turbine is due to become operational next month and the viewing pod, accessible by elevator, will open for visitors. The turbine will be open 24 hours a day while the 2010 Winter Olympics take place in Vancouver in February. The contract is the first for Leitwind in North America, and its second for a mountain resort. Part of Leitner Technologies Group, Leitwind has been manufacturing turbines since 2007.