Energy minister guidance on NFFO-5

The Department of Trade and Industry is drawing up detailed proposals for the fifth Non Fossil Fuel Obligation (NFFO) order, says Energy Minister John Battle. Addressing a London conference on climate change in November, he said he had received many responses to the NFFO-5 consultation exercise. Key industry views were that: technologies supported under NFFO-4 should be included next time; offshore wind and energy crops should be supported later; the suggested move to an accelerated, one-stage "will secure" test (to ensure a proposer is able to fulfil a contract) was welcomed; the competitive NFFO process--in particular the stability offered by long term contracts--was seen as the best means of securing financial support to develop the home market; and a buoyant home market was essential to take advantage of major export opportunities. NFFO renewable generators already receive £120 million a year, said Battle. Some 210 NFFO renewable energy projects today provide 476 MW of electricity. Wind industry members expressed satisfaction with the message in Battle's speech. "In parts it was almost word for word what we asked for," said the British Wind Energy Association's Nick Goodall.