By the end of September around 3090 wind turbines were in operation in Germany with a rated capacity of 915 MW, according to latest figures from the Ingenieur-Werkstatt Energietechnik (IWET) of Hamburg. This is over 630 turbines and 305 MW more than at the end of last year. IWET cannot give a complete picture of installations in Germany as reports for its data base are made voluntarily by new operators supplying to the grid. However it provides a good indicator of the way installations are progressing. The IWET figures also reveal that in the first nine months of the year, some 691 turbines were installed with a rated capacity of 313 MW. This is more installed capacity than the over 290 MW registered with IWET by operators in the whole of 1994. The figures also reveal the growing popularity of larger turbines. The increase in capacity last year was achieved with 802 turbines, some 170 more than were used in the first three quarters of this year for a larger increase in installed wind power capacity.