America and China work on global renewables goal

Four renewable energy organisations have agreed to assess the feasibility of increasing the use of renewable energy to 25% of global energy supply by 2025. The memorandum of understanding was signed by Michael Eckhart of the American Council On Renewable Energy, Li Junfeng of the Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association, Arthouros Zervos of the European Renewable Energy Council, and Wolfgang Palz of the World Council for Renewable Energy at the Great Wall Renewable Energy Forum, held in Beijing October 24-26. They will publish a joint report in one year. "The time is right to raise our thinking to the next level," says Eckhart. "If the US cannot do this, if China cannot do this, then the world does not have a sustainable future," he said at the forum. "It is imperative we do this now," agreed Palz. "The world cannot wait for such policy thinking." In response to Eckhart's words, Wu Guihui, a usually reticent official at China's National Development and Reform Commission, which oversees China's energy policy, made what appeared to be an off-the-cuff diversion from his set presentation at the forum. He called for establishing a political trust among leaders of nations and made a plea to developed countries to share technologies. "Renewable energy technology should be distinguished from military or other cutting-edge technologies," he said. "In order to effectively alleviate problems like shortage of resources and deterioration of environment, we must apply the mature technologies of renewable energy in a wider area as soon as possible."