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From Dr Ing. Roland Stoer, technical director, EUROS GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Regarding your report on the developments of Polymarin BV in the field of rotor blades for Lagerwey's wind turbines ("Peak performance for new technology," September 2002), the main content of this article is not true. The article reported on the first Lagerwey turbine with new blades and 51.5 metre blade diameter erected in Switzerland recently. It stated that the blades are a "Polymarin rotor design ... optimised for this length..." and that "all new LW52 turbines ... will be fitted with the new Polymarin blade..."

While this turbine was fitted with the blades manufactured by Polymarin, this is neither a Polymarin design nor a new Polymarin blade. This is a EUROS blade design and Polymarin has the right to manufacture this blade. It was optimised by EUROS GmbH for a 51.5 metre rotor diameter, and it has been on the market since 2000. For instance, the Pfleiderer PWE650 turbine was fitted with these blades last year.

EUROS GmbH is a developer and producer of rotor blades for pitch controlled turbines rated 600 kW and above and are designated EU51-EU55-EU59. In 2000 Polymarin BV bought a license from us allowing them to produce and market the 24.5 metre long EU51 blade, mainly for installation on Lagerwey turbines. In between the contract was terminated and Polymarin is no longer allowed to produce the blades.

Legal action has been taken to force Polymarin to comply with the agreed contract. At this stage of talks with Polymarin we are more than upset that the Dutch company announces our blade as their own development.

We trust that Polymarin will inform their customers about these issues before giving any further public statements on the matter in the future.

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