Wind turbine research extension in Lapland

An arctic research and development project ongoing in Lapland since 1989 has been extended. A 600 kW Bonus turbine is to join two 450 kW Bonus units at Lammasoaivi in the far north of Finland. The turbine will be specially adapted for operation in arctic conditions. The company in charge of the project, Kemijoki Oy, has also applied for permission to build five turbines at Olostunturi, an area with similiar weather conditions. The first two of this group of 600 kW turbines were due to be installed last month with the remaining three to be erected next year. Wind speeds at Lammasoaivi average 7-8.5 m/s over a year but 10 m/s in the winter months. The Lammasoaivi turbines, which began operation in October 1996, comprise the first arctic wind station in the world. About 2.3 GWh of electricity was produced in the first year, with technical availability at about 95%. A blade heating system, which is monitored through the wind turbine control system, has used less than 1% of the annual energy production.