Restarting Iwate plant hit by lightning strikes

Wind power developer Eurus Energy Japan says it is ready to restart its 42.9 MW wind farm of Mitsubishi turbines in Iwate Prefecture. The wind farm -- Japan's largest -- began operation in December last year, but was shut down after just three months due to blade problems caused by consecutive lightning strikes. Blades for the 42, 1 MW machines and single 900 kW turbine were also supplied by Mitsubishi. The problems in December were not the first suffered after severe lightning storms. Two turbines were similarly damaged before the plant became operational as were another three a month before final closure in March. To rectify the problem, Eurus has invested in lightning protection measures. It declines to say what they cost. Its affiliate, Tomen Power Kamaishi, has wired the blades so they are grounded through the towers and applied a stronger adhesive to prevent delamination.