Premium prices safe


"Premium prices for renewables should not suffer as a consequence of the soon-to-be introduced liberalised power market in Spain," says Jose Antonio Garrido, President of the Gamesa conglomerate last month. "Renewables are locally generated and therefore the degree of self sufficiency is much higher than most traditional types of energy," added Garrido. For this reason they should be rewarded. He was speaking at a two day seminar on renewable energy systems in Navarra on October 17-18. Garrido, who is also vice president of the Iberdrola power company which organised the event in Pamplona, said he believed that Spain's model for market liberalisation would not differ much from that set out in the European Union's Internal Energy Market blueprint. This, according to Garrido, frees some energy from the market price in "order to protect renewable power systems." Gamesa owns 51% of Gamesa Eolica, Spain's premier wind power developer. Other shareholders in Gamesa Eolica include Vestas with 40% and Sodena, a regional government body with 9%.