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From Michael Kujawa, Renewable Energy Consultant and Market Analyst, East Setauket, New York, US

Your editorial, Elitist Nimby'ism (Windpower Monthly, September 2002) was well-worded, but there are other factors in play that should also be examined. Opposition to the Cape Wind project may be wrong-headed in its motivations, but it may not be wrong that the opposition succeeds.

The regulator in charge of the National Marine Fisheries division that oversees the project area recently noted that the project area is a prime spawning region. It is apparently just a bad choice of sites on an environmental basis.

On an economic basis, siting the wind plant in Nantucket Sound makes sense because it would cost less to transmit electricity to shore from there rather than from farther out at sea. If the site is in the wrong place for other than aesthetic and real estate value concerns, all arguments about who is backing the opposition and why become moot.

The sites that Winergy LLC of Shirley, NY (Long Island) has filed for lie south of Nantucket Island. They are far enough out (about seven miles at the least, I think) that the machines may not even be visible from shore.

If there is an alternative site (or many sites), it would be politic not to get in the face of the people who don't want it in front of their waterfront homes. Politics is their business.

It would be worthwhile in the mid to long run to have their help rather than their opposition. After all, they are in a position to make the rules.

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