Energy company launches wind development unit

Croatian energy company Koncar Electrical Industries is launching a new unit to develop wind power projects, with initial plans to invest in a 16 MW wind farm in Pomenteno Brdo, near the southern city of Split. The division, called Koncar-Obnovljivi Izvori (Koncar Renewable Sources) and headed by Branko Zajec, has initial capital of HRK 300,000 (EUR 42,000). The wind farm is to comprise 16 Koncar 1 MW turbines and will provide power for 20,000 households. Valued at EUR 16 million, the project is being financed by the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Upon completion, Koncar will operate the plant and manage sale of its electricity through the new unit. Koncar is considering exports of its turbine and may offer turnkey wind power plant installation.