Approval for 200 MW

The biggest wind power project to date in Turkey, with a capacity of 150 MW, has recently been approved and should be ready by the end of next year. The project, at Gycek in the Kirsehir region, 170 kilometres south-east of Ankara, was developed by Perfect Wind Enerji, a subsidiary of French renewables developer and operator Akuo Energy. The turbine supplier should be decided in the coming weeks. Perfect Wind Enerji has also granted all necessary permits for 50 MW at Ardicli in central Anatolia, due for completion by 2011, and expects a further 100 MW to be permitted in the coming weeks. The company plans to invest EUR 600 million next year, building 400 MW of green generating capacity and up to EUR 2.6 billion for 2000 MW in the longer term.