Repower turbines confirmed for Alpha Ventus

Repower Systems has now signed a contract to deliver six of the 12, 5 MW turbines that are to make up Germany's first offshore wind farm, a utility-sponsored demonstration project called Alpha Ventus. The customer is Deutsche Offshore Testfeld und Infrastrukturgesellschaft, more usually known as DOTI, owned by major energy companies E.ON and Vattenfall, as well as regional energy company EWE. The other six machines for the project are to be supplied by Multibrid, part of giant French nuclear group Areva, under a contract signed in June 2007. Installation of the Repower turbines at the Alpha Ventus site, 45 kilometres north of the island of Borkum in the North Sea, is expected to begin in mid-July 2009. They will be assembled on the German coast in Repower's new purpose-built hall in Bremerhaven. Repower has installed 17 of its 5 MW turbines so far, both onshore and off the coasts of Scotland and Belgium. Multibrid had hoped to start installation at Alpha Ventus this autumn, but work had to be postponed until the spring because of bad weather.