Wind association sets targets

Italian wind energy association Associazione Nazionale Energia del Vento (ANEV) laid out strong objectives for wind market growth at the fifth edition of the Eolica Expo Mediterranean trade fair held in Rome at the end of September. ANEV says that installed capacity could rise from a projected 2200 MW this year (from about 1700 MW at the end of 2005) to 9500 MW in 2012, growing more than 1000 MW annually. This is the rate of development needed to meet the government's aim of securing 25% of Italy's electricity from renewable sources by 2012, says ANEV's Simone Togni. "We might have been a little less optimistic if we were asked to provide a forecast," he says, but adds that the objective is attainable. ANEV was pleased by the interest shown in wind energy at the trade fair and conference. Organizer Chiara Martinelli notes that sessions on small-scale wind, project financing and investments abroad were particularly well attended. The event drew at least 4000 delegates, but once again the failure of politicians to attend disappointed the industry. Luciano Pirazzi of government agency Ente per le Nuove Tecnologie, l'Energia e l'Ambiente notes there were representatives of the Campania region on hand, but talking to them about wind power is preaching to the converted. Campania is Italy's leading region for wind power, with about 419 MW online.