Survey reveals public in favour of wind power

Norwegians are highly in favour of wind power and would be prepared to pay extra to have it. This was the principle finding of a national survey by the Institute of Economy, part of a broad study into wind economics. It discovered that Norwegians would prefer to pay EUR 0.005-0.008/kWh extra for wind power than pay for imports of electricity from fossil fuel plant, mainly from Denmark. Concern is growing in Norway over increasing dependence on electricity from abroad, which amounted to about five times that of exported power this year. Norway exports some 1 TWh of its total 120 TWh production. The study says there is plenty of popular support for wind power in Norway, but for wind to grow requires that politicians give it enough support. So far just 0.3% of Norway's electricity comes from wind energy. The government is aiming for 3 TWh of wind by 2010. "Theoretically, the price of electricity should reflect the full economic costs of producing it, both in terms of production and the environmental cost. The study draws conclusions on the environmental costs and advantages of wind power compared to other forms of energy. In this respect it can be highly useful when negotiations take place on the establishment of a Norwegian market for green certificates," says the study's project leader, Ståle Navrud.