Five turbines for Malmö harbour;


Five 1.5 MW wind turbines are being proposed for the northern harbour of Malmö on the Swedish west coast by Malmö Vindkraftpark AB. The project's developer so far has been Renewable Energy AB, but the state owned Swedish utility Vattenfall has bought a 91% share of that company and formed Malmö Vindkraftpark as a joint venture. Planning permission has to be applied for but, since the city council proposed the site, consent is not likely to be a stumbling block. But the current lack of government funds for wind subsidies might prove to be the project's downfall. Nonetheless, Kenneth Averstad from Vattenfall is optimistic that more subsidy cash will be forthcoming in the near future. On the strength of this hope, four wind companies have been asked to tender for the contract: Vestas and Nordtank in Denmark and Enercon and Tacke in Germany. The 7.5 MW wind farm is projected to be on line in 1998.